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Friday, May 13, 2016

Bday and Mother's Day...

My birthday and Mother's day always just a few days, it's kinda nice to be thought of a couple days in a row! hehe! 

My birthday was on a thursday, and I woke up to a kitch full of decorations, donuts and a little gift...but the best gift was Travis got up early and even had time to do the dishes! what a treat! It was so thoughtful..and helpful. 
That thursday, I got to have muffins with Mom at the girls school for mother's, that was a special time..and that night we had Ty's last baseball game..where the team surprised us and brought diapers, wipes a few other things to help out our little boy....brought tears to my was the sweetest thing..we were in complete shock! 

For Mother's typical gift, is a husband who wakes up early to help get everyone ready so we aren't late for, that was the case again...
and after church my parents treated us to lunch at MCC...definitely a lot better than our typical sunday, taco villa lunch! so nice. 
afterwards we rested at the house before it was time to head to life group....and then to dinner at Grub burger with a few LG couples..where we sat outside and let the kids was so perfect! 
Travis also surprised me with a super speical gift, and something I was not expecting at all...
For each kid we have Travis gets me a diamond band that I wear with my wedding our family, and all my loves, are on one finger. 
Well, one day a year or so ago..I was putting my rings on and dropped Ty's ring and it completely disappeared. It was the strangest thing...travis even took the drains on the sink apart to just check every possible area...and still to this day, we have never seen's a big mystery. of course, I cried for days b/c of the meaning behind that ring...

so, for mother's day he surprised me with a replacement...and It was just perfect...i was so surprised and happy!
and soon I will receive another..hehe! and then travis says there is no more room on the finger...haha! 

Thanks Trav for making me feel special on my bday and mother's day! :)

Bday decorations....the kids were super excited about them too..haha! 

muffins with mom.....

our sweet gifts from the baseball team...

a wonderful pillow that came with my bday gift..this momma is going to the spa! 

Mother's day lunch...

My wonderful mother

Ty made gifts for me at school and was super sneaky with them bc he didn't want me to see them ahead of time...luckily he has family connections at the schoo (haha), he asked my mom to keep the gifts for him and he would give them to me sunday after church! 
so..that's what she did..and after lunch, he ran to Grandpa's truck, where they were being kept, to surprise me with the flowers and card he was just super sweet, and melts your heart to know he went through all the thinking and trouble to make sure the gift wasn't ruined! such a sweet,sweet little boy! 

claire has such wonderful bible class teachers...and she made me more mother's day gifts that morning...just perfect!!

our afternoon rest time...hanna was not tired and apparently planning on going swimming....glad other plans happened..haha! 

Mother's Day is a day I definitely have learned to not take for granted...ever since I was pregnant with ty and at the age where other friends were trying as well, you learn how precious that term "mom" is. and to not take for granted how the conceiving part is...since some try for years and some are never able...but, a big lesson I learned while working in the NICU...just bc you give birth to a child does not mean you are a mom...that is a title that you work at and earn! so, just bc some don't give birth you are every bit of a mom to your baby. 
my heartahces for every friend/person I know of that is struggling with fertility and am so very thankful and blessed that God has allowed travis and I to make 4 babies!! we are just so incredibly grateful and can't wait to meet our 4th little baby! Jake we are ready for you! 
I am also so lucky and blessed to have an absolute wonderful mother who, still, after 32 years of birth, still does things for me...and now my whole family! 
and a sister who is one of the most selfless mom's i know..and one of the best.
and surrounded with friends who are incredible moms....
like they say, It Takes A Village, and we are so fortunate to be in an area where that is so very true...the friend support during these times is amazing..and always needed! 

happy mother's day! 

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