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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tech Spring scrimmage...

Living in West Texas you have no choice but to love football....and many most are Texas Tech Alumni...travis being one of them.  (Go Wildcats..had to give a plug for my alma mater..ACU)! 
The weather couldn't have been more was absolutely gorgeous! 
We arrived to see tons of tailgates all cooking delicious foods..or at least the smell was good! ha! 
naturally, at any tech event you run into several of your, that's always fun! 
we made our way into the stadium and the kids were really enjoying the game, ok..maybe hanna and claire were more into the cheerleaders....but, they cheered for the fball players. 
After the scrimmage was over Hanna said, "are they going to play now?" well, hanna...where have you been the last Guess she was distracted by her sno cone and photo ops! haha! 
Where there was a cheerleader she wanted me to take her pic..and then raider red...
Claire was all about the cheerleader pics too but said, "I don't want to take a picture with that boy" aka Raider Red. haha
Ty was just enjoying the game and afterwards we stayed around and cruised on to the field....we are such rebels..haha! 
But, so glad we did. The kids were all in their element..and it was so fun to watch....ty playing catch and hanna doing her cheer and gymnastics thing up and down the field...and claire just running around, doing cheers, having a ball. 
then we spied Patrick Mahomes, the, I took Ty over to ask for a picture...and as nice as could be he allowed it....then miss priss wanted her pic taken as, they had one happy daddy! lol! 
We finally got kicked off the field since they were trying to shut it down....and on the way out we had super excited kids and you would have thought it was mickey mouse or somebody..but, it was Rocky! haha! 
so, one last photo to seal the day! haha!

we tease that this day was better than being at! The kids were completely in their element, enjoying their favorite sports and saw all the "tech characters" haha! 
They truely were so excited the whole time there! 
all for the cost of 3 sno cones! haha! 

our 3 little red raiders...and come fall fball season...the 4th will be here..but, have no fear..he already has some tech gear! ha! 

our future cheerleader!! she could not have been more excited! She REALLY wanted to cheer with them on the field..ha! 

Guns up!

For days after the scrimmage, claire would tell everyone, "I saw the cheerleaders."

where there was a cheerleader...hanna had me take her pic.!

down to the field...

ty with Patrick Mahomes...

mooommmmyyyyyy....its rocky!! AAAHHHHH! lol! 

when walking to our car we got stopped bc the reporter wanted to interview Ty....we should have warned him he is a boy of few words when it comes to, this is about how it went..

Did you have fun at the game: yes
Who is your favorite player: Mahomes
What position does he play: Quarterback
Did he throw the ball well: yes
Do you play football: yes

and that's about all he got...pretty tough to write an article with needless to say, I didn't see it in the odessa paper the next day! ha! 
but, we were super proud of him for at least answering the questions...we always work on him talking to, for that we were proud! 

we had such a great time...until the fall....go tech! 

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