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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mother Son Fun Run..

A couple weekends ago Ty and I did a Mother Son Color Run at our church. (one of the many reasons we love our church...there are always activities for all).
Ever since we were told about it and received the invitation in the mail, Ty had analyzed every possible situation of how paint will be thrown on us. My clean little boy who is not a fan of getting dirty....he just finally decided to run really fast and dodge them! 
The day finally came and although it rained the night before it was gorgeous when start time came. 
I wasn't quite sure how well the paint was going to come out so I had bought Ty and I a white t-shirt we could just throw away afterwards. That morning Ty didn't like his bc it was a little I had to cut it...and it had to be straight..but, i wasn't too successful at that..haha! off to a great start. lol! 
We got there and had a couple chicken biscuits for breakfast and there was an obstacle course bouncy house thing, they could play on before start time. 
The time came to run...3yr old-K were up first...the horn blew and Ty was off...leaving me in the dusty. I wasn't quite sure how we were supposed to run...I assumed with our son but they were all, I just jogged along without my!  
Although Ty ran fast he wasn't able to dodge all the paint (which was a powder type), with his unevenly cut shirt and his face that he wiped the powder off...he looked like a little pirate! haha!
but, then he saw pink on his shirt...and immediately took it I had to ask him to put it back on for a picture! lol. My silly boy! 
We had such a great time...and I thank GCR for always doing mother-son events..I always treasure our time!



ready to get the older kids..

thats ty in the black pants..

A week later..he had to go get his first cavity filled! it was also a first time I only had one child at the dentist...that was so 
he did amazing and was a great patient. 
I picked him up from school that morning but after the dentist since it was after lunch I just decided to keep him home and have a mommy- ty afternoon and do some of his favorite things without the girls. 

so we rushed to the movies to see Zootopia! It was pretty cute. We had the whole theater to ourselves! 
something we never get to to do! 

by then his lip got the feeling back and we went to chick fil a for a late lunch date! 

his mom mom had been out of town all week....which means I am the flower, we swung by and watered her copious amounts of flowers...

then it was time to pick up the sisters...he loves doing that...he thinks he's so big! haha! and they always love seeing him. they were so excited! 

we had such a great day...and I love being around him. 

these pics have nothing to do with mother-son time...but, just pics that I like to keep memories!

Claire won the instant winner at HEB..always a fun time! lol. (she got a straw that day)....
and we are getting rain here..not a ton..but the ground gets a little damp...and if there is one drop hanna wants to bust out her umbrella...haha! April showers bring may  Flowers...

how else do you watch a show on the kindle??? even though they all have their own!! haha! Love how close they are and how they always want to be with each other...and constantly ask, talk and love on their baby brother! 

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