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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Claire's First Staples...

Claire is our walking boo-boo...she is always getting fingers smashed, lips busted, brusises constantly stay on her legs, ....she is one tough little girl..who just wants to stay up with the bigs...and isn't scared to climb and jump off things....and add that to being a toddler...she has some rough days..bless her heart....and monday, at Ty's baseball game was one of them.!

I never sit on the bleachers for ty's game b/c of how claire just likes to climb on them...but, I was talking and the game started so I just climbed up there. Claire was walking on them...and I told her to stop...she did. and then decided to get down and play with hanna and another little girl. and on the walk to get down she completely slipped and fell right through them to the concrete...of course, we had to be on the very top bleacher. I squeezed my way down to get her, fit us through some metal and just held her as she bawled. 
Monday's are our busy days with gymnastics, swim and then baseball..but only hanna does gymnastics on mondays so I have my neighbor come watch her for the hour..and during that time, her mom texted me to tell me claire had bit her tongue and was bleeding a lot and was brought to their naps don't happen on monday for her. 
So, I knew she was so tired on top of falling...which never helps. 
She just laid on my shoulder for awhile. When she calmed down I asked where it hurt, she said her head and then her chin. her chin was pretty scraped up and I didn't see anything on her head so I went with her chin being the main hurt. She was able to follow all my commands that one would do with  a head injury...followed my finger, eyes looked good, no n/ to walk . so, she was good. 

my mom had come shortly after it happened...claire saw her coming, perked up and went to her. while mom held her I thought she was going to fall asleep...but she perked up and wanted to go to the playground. 

we made our way back to the bleachers and that's when a friend said, She has blood in her hair..I just saw a tiny I thought it was from the afternoon accident. 
but, i turned her over, and investigated further and as I pulled more and more hair back the whole left side of her scalp was covered in blood. !AAAAHHHH!!!! 
It was all clotted, so I didn't panic bc that's a good thing...and head always bleeds, as I tried to find where the wound started her hair was just matted with the clot. So, since she was acting compltely normal... I just left it alone until I could get her home to a bath and get it cleaned!

It was then I saw 2 little puncture wounds...I thought I could just do liquid stitch on my own...but, since It was deep I questioned and asked our NP and Pedi. They both said, off to the ER we went. 

I could not be more proud and how though she was. They just laid her down, she looked at me and it was over. I just knew when they put the staple gun on her head she would not like that....but, she literally laid as still as a board..and it was done! 
not one tear or cry! I was shocked and so proud of her! 
She was such a big girl. 

after the staple she feel asleep as we waited for paperwork..since by that time is was almost 10...she was sooo tired...which is why I think she did so well..she was just so tired! 
We made it home close to 10 and she walked right into her room after getting some love from daddy. but, came back out shortly after b/c her head hurt. Trav and I were watching a show and she squirmmed in our laps for several minutes..but finally got comfy on my lap and we both crashed...and then she slept with us so I could keep my eye on her! 
She slept great and woke up the next morning and was ready to go....didn't complain and didn't seem to be bothered by, off to school she went! 

Before we went to ER Hanna heard she was going to need staples...and just started bawling....i mean, sobbing. She was soooo scared Claire was going to be hurt with the staples. She was being such a sweet and protective big sister.
so, the next morning when they both woke up and she saw Claire wasn't hurting..she was soooo excited and had such a big smile on her face! 
such a great big sister! who is always looking out for her sister...and brother..and unborn baby brother! 

tuesday after school the only thing she complained of was her bottom hurting...probably just from the fall and being 
she still has yet to complain about head. 
she even did gymnastics yesterday...which I questioned but it's so hard to keep her from that since she loves it so much...and she did great! 

She is one tough 2.5 year old! that was not her first ER visit...adn they way she is won't be her last! haha! 

We love you Claire bear...but no more bleachers for us!! 

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