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Friday, April 1, 2016

Baby 4...

The day we got back from our Thanksgiving travels, I found out we were going to be having another baby! We started getting our christmas stuff out and I was hanging our stockings and while the kids were occupied playing in another room, I told Travis that we would be needing another stocking holder for next year! He was as shocked as I was, but was actually very excited. It took awhile for him to believe it was real and I was not pulling his leg. 
It was a fun time. It took awhile for it to sink in for me as well.

A few days before Christmas break,  I had the 8 week sono  (to confirm there truly was, indeed, a baby in there...and sure enough..there was! There is truly never a better sound than the heartbeat of your baby! aaahhhh!  I had asked our neighbors to watch the kids while I went b/c I knew if I took them the whole world would know...and I knew my neighbor wouldn't ask questions..when we finally told the news to everyone, she said she had a feeling and had actually told her husband her thought..ha! moms always know! ha!

That day my mom was leaving for the lake for christmas so I pulled into her house to see her loading up her car...I hopped out of my car and pulled out the sono pics...I had to help close her clearly, she was shocked...but after starring at the pic for awhile, congratulated me and was excited. But, that did mean, it ruined our champagne afternoons at the lake...for awhile! I think she was not only processing the news of another baby, but thinking of all the food that she had already purchased and planned for our menu at the hopes I could eat it all still. ha! luckily, i could!  :) that provided much relief..haha! 

I texted my sister the pic of the sono that said, "hi aunt casey" and she immediately called me. shocked as well..but i think more that I had kept it from her..usually i call her when I pee on the stick. haha! 
she was also excited..

Since it was lunch time when I was sharing the news I waited to tell my dad bc I knew he would be at lunch with people and you just never know who he may be with. My dad is probably the best secret keeper bc he's not going to pry into your business and won't just divulge his...haha...but didn't want to catch him off guard during lunch.....and come to find out..he was with one of my good! 
So, i called him that night when he was on the way to the lake! He was excited for us! and had told my mom, that whatever new chairs she got for the lake one had to be a rocker for the baby! haha! 

I went ahead and told them before we all got together for christmas b/c I just didn't know how the surprising news would be received and didn't want to ruin anyone's christmas day! haha! but, I should have known, everyone was thrilled! (at least the adults...we still kept it from the kids).

A few days after christmas day when we went to the roby's for christmas I had typed up a list that said, "What a difference One Day Makes" and had all the grandkids names and birthdays, in order, listed...and had baby roby #4 coming in july...listed at the bottom. Then put it in a box and wrapped it, like a present. 
After the gifts were opened, and the kids were off playing, we gave them their last gift..Wish I had recorded MIL opened it and had a long pause, bc she was re-reading it a couple times..haha...and then jumped up and down and threw the box (in a nice way) to my FIL...she was yelling in excitement and my FIL was confused as to read it or just ask what is going on..haha...finally everyone understood the news...and were thrilled!
I knew sharing that news on our christmas would not be any sort of downer my FIL requested wanted  more grandkids..but, after this one, we told my SIL the rest is on her! haha! 
such a fun time when you finally get the word out! 

We kept the news on the DL for 14 weeks just because I was feeling much different that I had with the girls..which made me nervous! I hadn't had any morning sickness (which is a completely abnormal for me) but just super nauseous 24/ just wanted to wait for my 12 week appt to check on everything. sure enough everything was it settled my nerves a bit. I was suppose to find out the gender that visit with the blood test results...(a whole new experience for us) but the lab had lost my blood so I had to redo it and the results were postponed a week. that was a bummer..mainly, bc i wanted to hear in person versus over the we waited..they said it would take 2 more weeks but to call in a week and they may have the results. 
So, a week later on a friday morning, right before their lunch break ( I had put the girls in their room to rest) , I called just to inquire..with knowing they wouldn't have, when they said they did I was completely shocked and caught off guard. I actually stopped doing stuff and just stood and waited..she said everything looked great with the blood work and, "it's a boy." I couldn't believe it...well, actually I kinda could..since I felt more like ty's pregnancy and made sense why this one was going that same way....I was just soooo excited...just over the moon excited...that 1) everything was going great and 2) it was a boy! Ty finally is getting his brother! and for that I was so excited! 

Travis was at work so I sent him an emoticon message that had: blue heart, pink heart, pink heart, blue heart...
he sent back saying, "what?" 
he called and I told him...I think his whole office...for sure his floor...knew our news for sure then..haha! he was super excited...and raced home to give me a hug. 
and I think the rest of the day was pretty unproductive..his mind was definitely! 
he kept questioning, "are you sure they said boy?" "did they look at your results?" haha....i mean, to be fair, we have been told the wrong gender before. haha! 

I also told all our immediate family the same way...and also had to interpret with "it's a boy."haha

we decided that night that we should tell the kids b.c we couldn't contain our excitement any longer. 
So, travis called the kids to the couch to tell the news...and you could tell he is use to being around adults all day in meeting settings b/c the kids were beginning to loose interested in all his I had to help intervene with kid language (short and and their reaction was so heart warming. They were super excited..
ty: "for real?"
Hanna: jumping up and down, "yay, I get to hold him"
Claire: naturally, doing whatever her big sis does, "yay, I get to hold him."haha

we knew the news would definitely be getting out now that the kids, we told some friends and then decided we couldn't tell everyone fast enough before the kids, we used social media to help us beat the kids..and told the world sunday night! 
such relief telling!!! 
we are just over the moon excited!!

I only recorded the kids this is a screen shot of the video.

this is at 22W..definitely a bump! I felt him moving about 15.5 weeks. and he hasn't stopped yet...he is a wiggly little guy! gives me a run for my money some days...but, after getting the flu...i can never complain again about feeling the pregnancy blah! compared to that anything is better! 

at 22 and 4 days I finally had or ultrasound (scheduling was hard when the sonographer only works w/fr and with spring break and was hard to match up..but, finally got in! 
Since it was a wednesday, the girls got to join me. I was actually excited for hanna to see b/c she has been so into this pregnancy and has been super sweet and protective. never wants to me do anything she thinks would hurt the baby. always rubbing my back and kissing my belly! so, i thought she would love see the baby! 
We got right back and turning off the lights kinda made claire a little nervous...but, they came and stood next to me on the bed and watched..well, hanna did, claire was a little too short(haha)..but, hanna would help lift her on some views..haha! hanna's interest lasted longer than claire's, as she went to get her kindle. haha! It was kinda tricky being able to focus on the baby and then answer all the questions the girls had and help with kindles..but I managed and the baby was perfect!! 

Before the probe was on my belly the sonographer asked if I knew the gender..I said, that the blood test said boy, but i needed visual confirmation....
so, she placed the probe on  and this was what immeditately showed up..
haha! he was being such a good little boy and letting me know, he truly was a boy! haha! definitely no denying! 

all the other bones, extremeties, spin, organs, brain and fluid were great! such a relief. with a great heartbeat of 154. 
although is growing perfectly and was ready to show his gender....he was pretty shy about showing his face. he always had a hand up, sometimes both, and was basically face, it was hard capturing his face..but did get this sweet profile! 
wonder if we will have another shy, head full of hair little boy!!! can't wait to see!!

the girls were so excited to share the news with daddy...
he came into the office right as we were leaving....and claire shouts..." daddy, mommy did a good job at the doctor." gave us, the staff and the waiting room a good laugh.haha.

naturally, while travis is on his way and learned I was already back, first thing he asks is, "is it a boy?" "does he have a big wiener."   lol..typical male! haha! 
we showed him the pics in the parking lot and he was glad to know it was still a boy! haha!  as was I...finding out so early with a blood test is nice...but, not having a visual made it hard to, now we have confirmation and can start really prepping for a baby boy and finding him a name! 

I almost kept ty from school that morning since he would have just missed an hour of school (early appt)...I hated he was going to miss...but, decided academics come first. 
so, right when he got in the car after school me and the girls told him all about his little brother! 
he has big plans to teach him to play sports, fish and hunt and although won't be sharing his "snuggie" has a stuffed ninja turtle he wants to give him...haha! 
he may love his little bro..but snuggie is off limits.haha!

hanna asks me everyday if it's july yet...and claire tells everyone, usually on repeat, that "we are having a baby brother."

Little boy, you are already so loved and we can't wait for you to arrive! 

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