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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ty's Birthday Party...

For Ty's 6th birthday party he wanted a Dodgeball tournament party! (our life group has played that several times and Ty just loves it)...I thought, easy...I'll reserve the church gym and the boys can play! Well, that became not so easy when the gym was already taken, all weekend, for a wedding..and come to find out, there aren't many open gyms in Midland...I finally found one...we scoped it out, Ty said it would work( although I thought it was pretty small) and we put the deposit down! 
Invites were made and went out weeks in be had saturday, Feb 27th 10-11:30...then the day before, on friday, is when Ty became so sick and we had to cancel early the morning of his party! I was heartbroken for him...but since he felt terrible, he didn't mind and never even mentioned a party again...but, as his momma...I wanted him to have something...he deserved it. Rescheduling was hard b/c of sickies and then with spring break and easter being so close to each other. 

A week later, everyone was feeling better and before Spring Break started, thursday night, I just decided to see if any of his friends would be in town and could meet at park friday after school. Luckily, some of his friends were in town (his best buds) and we were able to celebrate Ty!! 

It was so nice. I had never mentioned anything to him b/c he was asleep when I decided and then at school the next day....and I wanted to make sure it panned out before I said, when I picked him up from school I told him the secret...and his little face lite up and was just soooo excited..made my heart just as warm as could be! 
It was just me, ty and the girls....travis couldn't make it b/c of work...but, travis sacrificed his ability to come so Ty could have a party with his friends..and he was so happy we chose that when ty called to tell him all about it! 
I brought a change of clothes for him, his ice cream bday cake that had been in the freezer for his original party along with all the snacks and party favors that i had boxed little hands wouldn't find them and get into them..haha! 
So, we just had cheetos, apple slices, juice and cake...and the boys brought nerf guns and they just had big time battles. Ty was in heaven and had the best time. 
and just melted my heart for him. 
I am just so thankful for the parents (moms) who dropped what they were doing, last minute, to come to the park and celebate our little boy! 
and to grab my camera and take pictures...haha...thank you, sara! 

It wasn't what was originally planned...but it worked out perfectly and Ty had a blast...and that's what was important! 

The setup..haha..if you could call it that....but the weather was perfect!!!

the bday boy...ready for battle! 

so many darts all over that park...haha..sorry other moms! 

Awhile back Ty was watching The Pioneer Woman with me and she was making an ice cream he decided he wanted that for his party....It was super simple, so, I was on it...but, as time crept on..i started to feel bad...i decided to just go buy one...and it was delicious! and worked out perfectly since it stayed fresh in the freezer..haha! good call, ty! 

this little one was a big cheeto..haha...that's why my kids only have them at parties..they are so messy! haha! 

These boys had so much fun running around being thankful for their sweet frienships...

the 3 amigos....

All in all, a successful party! :) 

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