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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Break...

This Spring Break we had no plans...which we all kinda wanted...but then after the weekend...we decided we needed a change of on tuesday, after eating pancakes at Ihop with our wonderful neighborhood crew for National Pancake and the kids headed to the lake. 

When we got there...the weather was absolutely gorgeous...we stayed outside all afternoon and soaked up some rays. 
Ty was able to hit some golf balls. ( On monday he was hitting in the backyard...and finally after several close calls of breaking things and neighbors car windows, we loaded up and went to driving find it was was monday), luckily he got to hit some at the lake where it's basically like a driving range! ha! Except we had to, as Ty called it, "fetch" the balls...and of course, the golfer didn't want to and asked me..haha! Claire would help some but she and hanna were off doing their own thing picking flowers...ha! 

after some basketball we headed to fish...Ty fished his little heart out...but had no luck...we saw several carp, and not that we wanted to catch those b/c they are so hard to get off line...he wanted so badly to catch a fish..i let him try!  and they weren't having his little fly bait! so dinner bell was ringing and had to spool it up!...and the clouds were rolling in...

hanna was casting really well and enjoyed it too..and just loves her pink fishing pole...Grandpa always takes care of his girls..

and Claire too...

but throwing rocks is more her game right now..she could do it for hours and hours....not the best for catching fish..but, since we weren't having any luck anyway...haha!

and the reason we got to the be outside and enjoy the outdoors....which calls for worn out kids! :)

Wednesday It rained all day....but we were able to squeeze in a little walk between rain get some energy out..

And thursday afternoon me and the kids left mom-mom at the lake and went to abilene to see their cousins/playmates. We had different spring they were still in school...but, we got to pick both brady and sophia up..and that's always fun for the kids. 

and we brought along Brady's bday present....a fish!! I know, I'm such a great aunt! haha! I was just threatened Ty might be receiving a cat! hahaha! 
he is the most traveled fish...and survived what he probably thought was tsunami', I feel he's a tough little guy and will be around for awhile...hopefully! ha!

thursday night, b/c of the rain, brady's baseball practice was cancelled but ty still got to attend cub scouts with him...while me and the girls hung out and they made me all kinds of yummy play doh food! :)

Friday morning, me, claire, hanna, sophia and ty, went ahead to the DFW area...since we were going to the FW Zoo for brady's bday party. 
Some of our favorite friends now live in the area and we just had to go see them..months ago when we had plans for zoo..and the word "Dallas" came up...hanna immediately said, "yay, I get to see Hallie." So, I couldn't let her down! Luckily it worked out and everyday I got a big hug and a  "thank you mommy for letting me go see hallie."
and of course claire would follow with "and Drue-y" haha"

So, friday we went to have a little playdate...hanna did her hair and all...

the girls played and played and ty put together a minecraft toy that he brought....and then it was dance party time. 
I had envisioned our time there being outside..but of course, it was still, after a little walk it was time for us to stop tearing up their gorgeous new home and head back to FW. 

successul playdate! :) 

once we got to the mom had shopped for my kids, again, since our overpacked suitcases, didn't have warm enough clothes since the weather kept changing from the day I packed us..ugh! but, mom mom got them taken care of...and to the hotel pool we went...

hanna was loving the hot tub...and Ty and sophi braved the cold pool and swam away....

claire always loves the water..but seemed to walk around most of the time...

once brady, casey and daniel got there friday night, we had a pizza and cupcake party to celebrate his bday...our big 7 year old...

since brady wasn't there to swim the fist time...he and ty got to go down after dinner (shhhh don't tell the girls...we had separate rooms so they didn't even know..hehe).
but we wanted him to get in on the fun too...and from what I gathered they had a blast...

reading sweet.

Saturday morning headed to the fort worth zoo...

only good moms let their kids ride on the top of the bell little monkey!

and off we went...with our umbrellas, rain boots and ponchos...headed to brady's bday party!!!

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