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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Jesus and Germs are EVERYWHERE...

Poor seems it never fails he is always sick on or around his birthday and this year was no exception...Thursday he was fine on his bday, Friday went to school..and saturday we were suppose to have his party.! 
When I went to pick him up from school on friday I noticed he looked terrible walking out of the building... First question I always ask is, "How was your day?" But that day it was, "Ty, do you feel ok?" "I'm ok, just a little tired." Felt his head and was burning up...came home to a 103 fever...GREAT!!! 
Called the try to get him seen before party to make sure not contagious...but they were all called another office...they were all full.. so, we just pumped him full of motrin and hoped for the best. didn't want to cancel prematurely. Plus, he was in big tears about it when he overheard me talking about it. I just couldn't cancel yet. 

Thursday night, I started feeling awful but being pregnant (yup, more on that later) and a very busy month...I figured I was just run down and powered on through. but Friday night, I also spiked a fever and with all my other symptoms travis called my OB....and I was diagnosed with flu and tamiflu was called in...which meant, 1) I had to miss ty's party the next day 2) wonder if that's what ty has, 3) i hate taking meds pregnant...and the list goes on and on...I was  a ball of tears that night. 
My parents came and swooped up the girls b/c of mine and ty's situation...and so so thankful for them..bc that night Ty could not stop throwing up...and b/c of  my situation I was pretty helpless...travis had to deal with it..and being/feeling helpless IS THE WORST...espececially when it's your kid...enter water works again..
So, the next morning, we cancelled his party...fever was still 103 (after alternating fever reducers all night) and still queasy....we just didn't want to get anyone sick and ty couldn't even last...after talking to ty he was absolutely ok with that....which we knew he felt terrible if that was his response. 
so, we got him into the dr..where they diagnosed with a "severe strand of strep." good deal, he'll take an antibiotic and get right over this....or so I thought.....

As the days went one the girls continued to stay with my parents...ty continued to run fever and vomit and I basically did the same as him. Sunday, I had enough of the fiery sensation of my throat so we went to the urgent clinic and they told me I had ulcers infested in my throat from the flu virus. perfect. and being pregnant there is nothing I could do except some home we did the salt water gargle, lemon water, and I found a little concoction on pinterest travis made for me. wish i could say they worked! 
tuesday, my OB wanted to see me since I couldn't keep anything down monday...went to him to learn I had buldging ear drums...and prescribed an antibiotic...great, another med while pregnant! 

but, after 5 days, of being only able to lay in bed...ty and I finally are upright and doing so much better. 
Ty woke up wed. fever free and it stayed away all day without meds. yay yay yay! and acted back to his normal self...FINALLY!!!!! so, back to school he went on thursday.. still not convinced he just had a "severe strand of strep." 

I am also upright piddling, even made my way to the grocery store since we have absolutely nothing here...and then a little mani was in store..b/c if you lay in bed for 5 watching wasn't that fun, reading was definitely i stared at my terrible cuticles..until it drove me nuts!! had to remedy that! it was a perfect catch my breath and get sensation back in my legs moment! ha! trying to regain my strength and stamina!

I could not be more thankful for my parents who have kept the girls all this time, my dad who has come to watch ty several times as trav drives miss daisy to dr appts and the help they have provided...definitely would have been 100 times harder had they not been here to help..and we are so so grateful...and to our friends who dropped off dinner unannouned and several goodies at our door...and all the prayers we received...we have the best friends...

but mostly to travis who played nurse for the first time....when your wife is a nurse..that job falls under CDO (that would me my title...chief domestic officer). 
He called doctors, learned where the kids pedi was, picked up prescriptions, learned to use a washing machine..haha..can't tell you how many times he washed sheets...and we all have several pairs of sheets for our beds....learned the difference between a gymnastics leotard and dance leotard..and picking out girl clothes...( I remember hearing the comment, he was even more excited this baby is a boy bc they are so much easier to pick clothes learned how to make the couch comfy..all the while still working full days. 
He took great care of us and Ty and I missed him when work days came. 
some friends dropped off outback one night and I was just so thankful...mainly so travis could have a good meal..a good steak. he definitely deserved that!

and to ty's friends who dropped off gifts the day of his party....he could not have been more excited..they truly made his day! he has some sweet sweet friends (and their mommas). 

I've had a fun time just hanging/napping with ty the last 4 days...but we are both ready to be normal again..and up and at 'em.....

What our days looked like....a little word search together...this boy takes after his momma for his love of word puzzles..

pictures from the girls..i just love hanna's

every home remedy we found...we did

lots of naps..

and cuddles...
we had the whole king size bed to ourselves...but, used about 1/4 of it..haha!
wouldn't want it any other way...

Wednesday our cleaning ladies came (instead of their normal tuesdays) b/c ty and I just couldn't get out of the house. that day..
so wed afternoon Ty and I went to my parents while they cleaned and got to see the girls, in person, for the first time since friday night. It was so great...we all missed each other so much. 
loved hearing their sweet voices, see them play, tell me about what they've been doing and see their sweet smiles and shower me with love! and ty was just as excited to see them! life was too quite for several days! 

we are all being reunited today after school and I am beyond excited. ready to get back to our normal life..and be able to take care of them again! :) 

it was rough but we made it!!!! never want to do it again though!!!

Wash your hands and cover your mouth...germs are spreading like wildfire this season!!!

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  1. I completely feel you. Germs are everywhere! Washing your sheets and clothes multiple times is a complete must when you your family gets sick. I've also been sick when I was pregnant and it was no joke! I've learned to hold my breath when I see someone sniffling or coughing. Best wishes to you and yours, and I hope no more sickness comes your way this year!