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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Happy 6th birthday, Ty.

On February, 25 our little boy turned 6!!! WOW! Since the day he was born he has brought so much joy, love and laughter to our world and we just think the world of him. I could go on and on about Ty...but the one thing that I am most proud of is his heart. He truly loves people and making them happy and wouldn't hurt a fly...and if he were to accidentally knock some on over, or make them sad, he cries harder b/c he feels so badly. Although, I love that trait about him...sometimes it's hard lesson to get across to him that, accidents happen, they are ok..nobody is hurt! But, I love his sweet, gentle spirit and makes me just love him so....and trust him..ha! He is our rule follower and thinker. We love to play with him...but after 30 minutes of hearing the rules and the "possibilities" we finally have to say, "Ok, either we play or we are done." haha! but, love his constantly thinking mind. 
He is my clean child...not a fan of being dirty....or his, he alone, makes me always busy with laundry..and there are 4 other peoples I have to do on top of that...ha! 
He is thriving in Kindergarten and coming out of his shell. 

His birthday fell on thursday, and so, although he has never seen star wars, nor has his parents, we insisted on taking star wars, we settled with star wars toppers and black icing...which was a doozy to make. He also got several bday cards in the mail...and was always so excited to check the mail and read them...they bring a lot more meaning when he can read by himself. 

last night of being 5..

woke up the next morning to streamers and bday breakfast....

sausage and egg of his fav' school breakfast for our bday boy that morning.ha!

For lunch, Trav and I took him whataburger...per his, it was available at his lunch time. ha! 

that night we celebrate with dinner of his choice....Mr Gattis....yummy..haha! Mom Mom and Grandpa joined us on the fun too...:)
After eating the delicious pizza..;) we went and played some games. Ty really just wanted to ride the bumper cars....we haven't been there in 4, he clearly learned that from a friend at school...thanks friend..haha! He was very excited to ride it though...but on to earn some tickets....most games were that was a little bit of a challenge...but he still managed to get over 100 tickets...a few dinky toys later..we were out of there! 

When we got home we had bday cupcakes and presents....

all the nerf things he was add to his collection...

ready for war...

we were so happy to celebrate Ty the whole day because little did we know, that would be the only type of party he got...more on that later....

He makes us so proud and just love him so very much. 
and this is another reason why.!!!!

Happy birthday, TY!!!!

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