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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Girls School egg hunts...

It was a weird feeling not having Ty at the MDO easter egg hunt...but he had early release at, that may have been better. haha..which meant he got to crash hanna's egg hunt bc Claire's was in the morning. Travis got to attend Hanna's hunt since he took the afternoon that was fun!

Claire's class went at 10:00...and she came runnin' and gathered lots of eggs. Last year, they had a rule where each kid was only allowed everyone got the same..but, this year..there was no, she got several. It was just so cute seeing all the little 2 year olds. 
Hanna had been telling claire about the easter bunny all week...and claire was terrified of just the mention of his name. So, i was curious how she and her class would do with him...but, he didn't even make an appearance with her, a lot of tears were saved. Good call teachers...haha!

Hanna's class went at 2:30...last year, she saw me, ran to me and started crying.i think i got 1 for her just to have one..ha! So, wondered if this was going to be the same story different year...and was! haha! She finally rallied, with the help of Ty, and was able to get some eggs...and had a great time. Later she told me "I was just nervous." ha! 

but, she was all about the easter bunny! 

ty was so sweet in holding her hand and leading hanna to him...(or her.haha)..

our 3 little egg hunters..aka candy lovers! 

fun, successful school hunts...
then we went to the dentist...not sure what I was thinking scheduling then.but, on the flip was nice getting all their teeth cleaned from all the candy!
just to leave to eat more..haha! 

Off to Easter Weekend at the lake.

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