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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fort Worth Zoo trip...

It seems each year we go to the abilene zoo for brady's bday....but this year, he raised the bar and requested the FW, we all met in FW friday to make saturday a zoo day in honor of our favorite 7 year old. 

To be honest, that was mine and my kids first time to that zoo..and it was the best zoo I have been to...the natural habits were amazing...and the huge variety of animals were so'r never too old to enjoy animals.
I think we did every activity you pit..but, the kids loved it all..since it was a speical trip. 
Feed the birds, climbed the rockwall and played a shooting game..
The weather ended up being was overcast some, sun shinning some, a few little sprinkles...just perfect=..for our 6 hour zoo trip. 
We ate lunch at a little cafe and rested our feet...but afterwards kept on going. 

Brady was our tour guide since they have been there a few times...and he was all about it...constantly checking his map...and giving us important info about that animal...he did a great job. His cub scout leader would have been so proud! 

all though we had been there for several  hours, not even the animals and exciting day could distract them from remembering the sno cone stand at the entrance of the, afterwards, they got to make their sno cone..and what a hit they were! ha! 
Such a fun weekend of hotel, swimming, bday party, zoo and sno cones...
after the zoo...the girls rode with me to abilene, boys with casey and mom mom back to the lake where grandpa and travis were (they couldn't make the trip b.c of they fished..ha)..
the girls slept pretty much the entire 2/5 hour trip back! 
but I don't blame them..even my legs hurt and I gave Ty a piggy back the last stretch b/c even his legs were tired! haha! 
all the kids did excellent and we had such a great time!!!

our tour guide...

oh yes, and clearly it was mating season...
Funny story about the rhinos....when we came up to them one was beginning to said, one is going potty.....i mentioned to my sister, I sure hope that's what it's doing," as the other rhino was encrouching quickly...and all of a sudden....we witnessed a mating session...
kids: "wow, look at that trick." 
parents: "alright kids lets keep walking."
I have never seen so many adults pulling their phones out so quickly to take a!
we kept our tour rolling and would see them in passing while looking at other animals..and they were still going at it! wowzers! haha! 

feeding the birds...while claire napped.. 
that was pretty loved it...

after lunch the boys got to climb the rockwall...another big hit.

another mating session..

where there is a gun..this one will find it...

me and the bday boy..

whose idea was it to let kids make their own sno cones...interesting choices for sure..haha.

claire wasn't too sure of the orangoutang..

we had a wagon...not for kids..but for all our stuff...but a little spot just for claire..haha..

the lions were situated across the street and above the deer type animals...ty said, "Oh, that's like the lions tv..i bet they wonder...hmm..whats going to happen on tv today." hahaha..

we thought it was pure torture b/c i bet those lions would like those for a meal..haha!

brady: "We need 4 sticks please, so I will need $1 back." haha!
guess who is learning about money in first grade! ha!

brady found a blue and green bird who began to fight on his was the funniest thing! that blue bird was not scared at all..
and yes, they all washed their hands afterwards! 

sweet claire getting a little nap in on mom mom...

lunch time...

brady got a foot

kangaroos' wished they would have been hoping around....

the penguins were sooo cute...these 2 little guys were cracking us up...they were trying to catch a dragon fly and were not being was so funny!kept us entertained for awhile..haha!

at the petting zoo...hanna and sophi were all about it...claire also got to brush the goat...

again, yes, they washed their hands..
so, nice they always had sinks and soap!

sophi had been wanting to use that umbrella all day...and finally found her chance with the water squirter thing..haha!
when you pulled the road..water came out.... kids could have stayed there for ever!ha.


they had a bear in the back of the log...eating apples...

sophi could have sat there all day...

as we kept walking we spied the backside of the

touching the starfish and crabs...

claire's favorite animals were the monkeys...which is so fitting for her as she could eat a whole bundle of bananas in one day..and loves to climb! lol.

such a fun fun time!
Happy birthday brady bear! 

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