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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Pics...

This year we decided to for go the traditional "easter dress" since they only wear them for a picture (as we always travel home on sundays) and just get a more useful outfit..that can be worn more than for just an easter pic. so we found them all pink and white seersucker matching outfits...but somebody, not naming any names, casey..forgot that i had already given her brady's and left home without, that's why brady has his 4th of july shirt on (b/c i brought that..hahaha)..and not his easter shirt...but hopefully we can remedy that soon. 

My favorite little 6 year old!!! 

I may or may not have been tickling claire's leg for her to smile in this pic...hehe! secrets revealed. 

b&S always do the best engagement style
and i told them that...and before I could finish my sentence sophi does this....

lol..kisses him. It was pretty funny! 

Claire bear....the girl who could ride in the "buggy" all day..
one time after Grandpa had just sat down from taking the boys fishing, Claire walked up to him, tilted her head, gave the best little sweet grin and said, "Grandpa you take me on a buggy ride." so, up he went and off they went on the buggy! lol she knows how to work him! haha.

Mom Mom and Grandpa with their littles...

the westmoreland giants...haha! 

lots of fun with this crew!!

our gentle giant...we can share socks and he can probably borrow my shoes...and just turned 7! 

I was so proud of sophi when she called to say, "umm..i want to spend easter with lindsey and take pictures." I have never been

sweet and sassy and does anything a boy does...

look at all the fun and love these two started..

always on wife duty..haha...

sista sista..

the whole fam!!!
on the first try even!! woohoo!

so thankful for each and everyone!! and their patience with all my picture taking! ;)
we are not all together we have to document when we are! 

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