Rollin' with the Roby's

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Pics...

This year we decided to for go the traditional "easter dress" since they only wear them for a picture (as we always travel home on sundays) and just get a more useful outfit..that can be worn more than for just an easter pic. so we found them all pink and white seersucker matching outfits...but somebody, not naming any names, casey..forgot that i had already given her brady's and left home without, that's why brady has his 4th of july shirt on (b/c i brought that..hahaha)..and not his easter shirt...but hopefully we can remedy that soon. 

My favorite little 6 year old!!! 

I may or may not have been tickling claire's leg for her to smile in this pic...hehe! secrets revealed. 

b&S always do the best engagement style
and i told them that...and before I could finish my sentence sophi does this....

lol..kisses him. It was pretty funny! 

Claire bear....the girl who could ride in the "buggy" all day..
one time after Grandpa had just sat down from taking the boys fishing, Claire walked up to him, tilted her head, gave the best little sweet grin and said, "Grandpa you take me on a buggy ride." so, up he went and off they went on the buggy! lol she knows how to work him! haha.

Mom Mom and Grandpa with their littles...

the westmoreland giants...haha! 

lots of fun with this crew!!

our gentle giant...we can share socks and he can probably borrow my shoes...and just turned 7! 

I was so proud of sophi when she called to say, "umm..i want to spend easter with lindsey and take pictures." I have never been

sweet and sassy and does anything a boy does...

look at all the fun and love these two started..

always on wife duty..haha...

sista sista..

the whole fam!!!
on the first try even!! woohoo!

so thankful for each and everyone!! and their patience with all my picture taking! ;)
we are not all together we have to document when we are! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend..

Every Easter we always go to the Family's Easter reunion in East Texas..but this year was our first year not to attend so we ended up at the lake. 
We went down thursday night, while my mom picked up B&S and brought them as well that night...since they weren't going to be able to come until later, to give the kids a chance to play she picked them up. 
Friday we did a little of everything...the kids just played and played. The boys went fishing with Grandpa and Trav and me and the girls went on an adventure walk...lots of seashells collected. 
When the boys came back it was the girls turn to go...but, I hear instead of much fishing there was a lot of peeing off the side of the boat. Hanna ended up getting a UTI and thankfully for a good pedi, I was able to get an antibiotic called in to abilene friday so my sister could bring it to the lake. (We stopped 5 times in a 2 hour span for hanna to pee on the side of the road), their boat ride went the same..haha. but what one does the other must follow, claire and sophi had to go..ha! I was a little shocked to hear there was not a minnow bucket in the boat for the girls...since that's how my sister and I always went when we were little...i bet there is always a bucket from now on..haha! dad must have gotten spoiled with those boys! ha! 
While the girls were gone the boys practiced baseball together...and had their first kite flying experience...the girls came back to hit the end of it! such fun they had with that kite. 
It was just a beautiful day to spend thighs got charred and my sisters chest..haha! but it felt so great to get some sun! 

ty got the hang of the kite flying business and had all the line, sophi took over...and boy was she a kite expert..she was cracking me up with her string handling....she had it down.haha.

 can't see a boat and not start hearing ty sing, "you can buy me a boat" song..ha.

on our walk....drill sergeant, sophi, was all about us doing "high knees"..and claire was all over

can't get enough of this sweet "cheese" face...

our little fisherman...but on this trip they didn't end up catching much..
later at the house dad was had a fishing show on and brady said, "grandpa, are you watching this to learn how to catch fish." lol! 

but the snacks and drinks were great! they came back with red gatorade mouths..

little baseball action..

on another fishing trip on the bank...grandpa caught a "shark." haha!

my little monkey..(climber and banana lover)...they girls had a great time fishing swimming in the water...the boys came back and dropped them off and took off in the

so they played and ate dinner

this fishing trip was a success...ty caught a crappy and brady got a bass...

and apparently, grandpa drove reallllllyyyyy fast! this pic.

Saturday morning, the easter bunny came....

 and hid a ton of eggs....for their hunt... grandpa drove them from the driveway to the "hunt" so they wouldn't run and fall..ha..

claire took off to the races..she knew exactly what to do...

hanna had a slow start..but picked up nicely...

in minutes all 200 eggs were found...and time to count them...although we didn't have physical awards...we still did the honorary, who has the most eggs and most money game....
brady had most eggs and he and ty tied for most money! 

not sure what the pouty face was

claire was a little disappointed she had more money than candy..ha!

successful easter egg hunt....then off to the kitchen where mom mom prepared a delicious easter lunch! and the rest of the day consisted of playtime!

Happy Easter!!!