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Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day...

 There was a lot going on this valentine's, it kinda crept up on me...good thing travis and I don't really celebrate valentine's day..but i still ran out of time in getting the kids some things..eek! oh well, they haven't seemed to notice or care! ha! 

Thursday, the Girls had their parties at school...claire still wasn't able to attend school bc of her pneumonia...but, we still went for her party. :) She was so excited to see her friends and get her juice and cupcake! ha! 
then we went to crash hanna's party...where she racked up the goodies too...

Friday, we went to Ty's party...they had some fun valentine activities and of course some yummy treats...and then had an early release at, we got to take him after party. that's the biggest treat of all!:) 
Bc of the early release we met some of his friends at the park that was a gorgeous day..and they played and played...
That was the first day in 7 days..that claire was able to run and play without having coughing everyone had a blast! 

When your mom-mom is the superintendent of the school...she gets to crash parties too..and even joined in on the race!

we left the park just in time to pick up our dinner(chick fil a nugget tray) and head to the house so could meet our visitors..hanna's best little friend came to spend the night....these girls were so excited..which in turn made me so, i got to see the girls and their mommy! They were non stop the whole time...(more on their date night later)....

the whole reason they came to town was to celebrate their newest soon to be baby sister...we had a great time in honor of that baby glad it all worked out where we could shower them! It was a short visit.but we will take it! so much fun while it lasted! and hopefully a certain now non-midland mom, got her taco villa and jumburrito fix! ;)Thanks, Kasey for coming to midland for your 

That night..the kids opened their valentine from Gamy and Granddaddy...the biggest stuffed bear we have ever seen! ha! ty and hanna loved it..claire was  little uncertain...but, she has since warmed up to him...and they call him "teddy" and contrary to his size...he's pretty nomadic! haha! 
Thanks gamy and granddaddy.

Sunday, Valentine's Day....
we had a whole day of activities...
being a sunday, we had church...claire's class made the cutest card...

Then Hanna and I went to see The Little Mermaid at the Theater. 
She loves that do I, so it's always fun...and she thinks she's pretty big! ha! 
 and ariel is one of her favorite princesses...(if not the favorite) so we knew she would love it was  special mommy-hanna date. 

she loved it so much, she had sweet dreams about! the second set got It was a good 2 1/2 hour the second half with the lights low and music playing was a perfect lullabye! lol! 

after the show we got to meet and greet the cast....of all the characters..hanna wanted her picture with a cute little boy, Flounder..ha...and of course, Ariel! 

after the show it was dinner we met trav an the other 2 at fuddruckers...random I know, but wanted to find a quick place, that was open on sunday, that wouldn't be too crowded. We hadn't been there in several years!

once we got home..I played ty's newest love..the Wii...with him..that was kinda our time..and not going to's pretty fun! 

It was a fun filled, fast, day spend with the ones I loved! I even woke up to the sweetest note by my hubs...with a candle ( i love those things) followed by another sweet note from my little boy! those are the best gifts of all! 
Love my little tribe!

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