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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gymnastics Pre-Team...

If you know Hanna you know her love for gymnastics, climbing, cheer and dance...she's been our little monkey from a young young age! constantly cheering, jumping, climbing on everything. 
She started gymnastics at 2 years and has just loved it...and has a natural knack....over the summer we switched to a more ligit gymnastics location and we have all loved it. Last week she was asked to be apart of their Pre- Team...which consists of 2 days a week hour long practices.and one step closer for team (if we ever chose to do that)....b/c the last thing we need was more on our plate..but, as we discussed it...travis and I thought we need to let her do what she least try and see what she thinks....Last week, Claire was also asked to advance to the 3-5 year old class...that means no more mommy and me for this momma! haha! i was all about that request! haha! She, sadly, missed this weeks class b/c of her pneumonia...but hopefully next week she will be ready to go! she will be so excited...she does everything "by myself" anyways...ha! 

so, we now go m/w 12-1 and wed, I have hired my little next door neighbor to watch claire on mondays while I take claire can nap! 
so that will be nice!

Hanna has LOVED it and just feels so big. They do a lot more and more difficult gymnastics things.ha! 
She nailed her front flip on the tramp wednesday. and was just so excited! It's a lot more work, only 1 water break and with few girls and harder skills..she is worn plum out..actually, it's good for her! and fun to see her get excited when she nails a skill. Monday, on a front flip, she didn't time it right and landed awkwardly on her neck/back...she teared up a little from being scared..not from hurting.haha., the coach consoled her and she got right back on and tried again...I was so proud of her! 
Love watching her..can't wait to see what she accomplishes!

Way to go, Hanna!! 

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