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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Granddaddy came to town...

Last Thursday Granddaddy came to visit..since he was in the area for work...and it was a nice treat for us...he always spoils the kids with going out to eat..which in turn, spoils me, bc this momma didn't have to cook! :) thanks granddaddy! :) 

Thursday before he and Hanna had a wonderful Hanna and mommy day since she was home with strep....we had so much little helper...

and that night, since she was on antibiotics for a full 24 hours by then..she got to attend ty's game...

ty had so much fun showing granddaddy his basketball game...

Friday morning, Granddaddy took ty to school...and treated him to a donut on the, since he got donuts..the girls wanted them as, we went to the donut shop!
When we got home...claire shortly fell asleep after we got home...could have been from a donut coma...but no doubt it's because by friday she is pooped! 

After Ty got out of school...granddaddy treated them(and their driver) to their favorite ice cream...super hero...why you may ask? b/c it turns their #2! haha!

after swensen's and daddy got home..we decided to go much fun..haven't done that in for ever. but, it created an appettie for the off to roadhouse we went for dinner...ty's favorite place...mainly bc of the rolls...haha!

after 2 demolished 2 baskets of rolls by himself and we all finished eating and balloon characters were made...machine gun for ty, mermaid for hanna and flower for was late and we were ready to leave..

saturday, ty had his last 8am basketball practice...we will definitely not miss those..excited for ty to have his one day of resting in back...
once he and trav got home we went on a little walk and then after claire's nap..we went for a late lunch and then to drop granddaddy off at the airport..and then picked up some pizzas for the kids and babysitter since trav and I had a dinner date..which the babysitter said they all went down great! haha...they were whipped!

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