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Monday, February 15, 2016

daddy-daughter dance...

This is the second Annual father daughter dance at have to be 3 years old to hanna made the cut last year..and claire will make it next year!
This year, since hanna's friend was in town...they got to dance the night away together..and from what I have been told..they had a super fun time...and literally danced and danced! (and had a little juice and cookies). 

It was the cutest thing seeing them so excited about going to the "dance." They both wanted to get their dresses on ..well, a week in advance, but settled on an hour before they were to leave. They sat and put on each other's "lipstick" and just were soooo precious and cute..and just made me almost tear up for how much fun they were having..and my hopes and prayers that they can reunite soon to do this in the years to come! :) 
Claire even got in on the action..and helped them. she wanted to go so badly...can't wait for next year with her! 
She loves her big sister soooooooo much and wants to do everything with her...(like most littles) and constantly watches hanna's vidoes on my phone! she's one proud, watching Hanna' and Hallie's dance videos are her new favrorites! 

sweet sweet friends helping get ready for the dance...

picture time...haha...

travis was one lucky guy and made 2 girls super happy! the girls lucked out with the best date! 

waiting for their date to come pick them up...we even had a little chat about when a boy comes to pick you up...he MUST come to the door and get honking of the horn...or phonetical/texts! haha!
Never too early to give a little lesson!! hehe!

and off they go..sooo much fun!

while they partied..claire slept..and me and this handsome young fella..had some quiet time that he still loves to come cuddle with me!

cutest trio there...

dancing the night away...(or atleast the 1 1/2) ;)

Since the dance didn't start until 7...they didn't get home until almost 9...jammies on, and they chose to sleep on the playroom couch...and in about 5-10min..they were OUT! 
slept until about 7...and immediately started playing...only to take a quick break for a little donut breakfast! 

They got more daddy time as I went to the baby shower for baby their playtime continued until the shower was over and it was time for them to head to their next location....and I know after everyone left.. I think naps of the year were taken....haha...they played so hard..and so well..they were done!

So, thankful for such wonderful friendships...and for our church who puts on the father daughter dance...and makes every girl feel so special! I remember our church father daughter banquets growing up and although it was just a dinner and not as fun and cute as the was still a special dad got to enjoy a few years of both my sister and I together at them...and next year, travis will get to do the same for the next several years with Hanna and Claire! I am already so excited for them!

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