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Monday, February 15, 2016

daddy-daughter dance...

This is the second Annual father daughter dance at have to be 3 years old to hanna made the cut last year..and claire will make it next year!
This year, since hanna's friend was in town...they got to dance the night away together..and from what I have been told..they had a super fun time...and literally danced and danced! (and had a little juice and cookies). 

It was the cutest thing seeing them so excited about going to the "dance." They both wanted to get their dresses on ..well, a week in advance, but settled on an hour before they were to leave. They sat and put on each other's "lipstick" and just were soooo precious and cute..and just made me almost tear up for how much fun they were having..and my hopes and prayers that they can reunite soon to do this in the years to come! :) 
Claire even got in on the action..and helped them. she wanted to go so badly...can't wait for next year with her! 
She loves her big sister soooooooo much and wants to do everything with her...(like most littles) and constantly watches hanna's vidoes on my phone! she's one proud, watching Hanna' and Hallie's dance videos are her new favrorites! 

sweet sweet friends helping get ready for the dance...

picture time...haha...

travis was one lucky guy and made 2 girls super happy! the girls lucked out with the best date! 

waiting for their date to come pick them up...we even had a little chat about when a boy comes to pick you up...he MUST come to the door and get honking of the horn...or phonetical/texts! haha!
Never too early to give a little lesson!! hehe!

and off they go..sooo much fun!

while they partied..claire slept..and me and this handsome young fella..had some quiet time that he still loves to come cuddle with me!

cutest trio there...

dancing the night away...(or atleast the 1 1/2) ;)

Since the dance didn't start until 7...they didn't get home until almost 9...jammies on, and they chose to sleep on the playroom couch...and in about 5-10min..they were OUT! 
slept until about 7...and immediately started playing...only to take a quick break for a little donut breakfast! 

They got more daddy time as I went to the baby shower for baby their playtime continued until the shower was over and it was time for them to head to their next location....and I know after everyone left.. I think naps of the year were taken....haha...they played so hard..and so well..they were done!

So, thankful for such wonderful friendships...and for our church who puts on the father daughter dance...and makes every girl feel so special! I remember our church father daughter banquets growing up and although it was just a dinner and not as fun and cute as the was still a special dad got to enjoy a few years of both my sister and I together at them...and next year, travis will get to do the same for the next several years with Hanna and Claire! I am already so excited for them!

Valentine's Day...

 There was a lot going on this valentine's, it kinda crept up on me...good thing travis and I don't really celebrate valentine's day..but i still ran out of time in getting the kids some things..eek! oh well, they haven't seemed to notice or care! ha! 

Thursday, the Girls had their parties at school...claire still wasn't able to attend school bc of her pneumonia...but, we still went for her party. :) She was so excited to see her friends and get her juice and cupcake! ha! 
then we went to crash hanna's party...where she racked up the goodies too...

Friday, we went to Ty's party...they had some fun valentine activities and of course some yummy treats...and then had an early release at, we got to take him after party. that's the biggest treat of all!:) 
Bc of the early release we met some of his friends at the park that was a gorgeous day..and they played and played...
That was the first day in 7 days..that claire was able to run and play without having coughing everyone had a blast! 

When your mom-mom is the superintendent of the school...she gets to crash parties too..and even joined in on the race!

we left the park just in time to pick up our dinner(chick fil a nugget tray) and head to the house so could meet our visitors..hanna's best little friend came to spend the night....these girls were so excited..which in turn made me so, i got to see the girls and their mommy! They were non stop the whole time...(more on their date night later)....

the whole reason they came to town was to celebrate their newest soon to be baby sister...we had a great time in honor of that baby glad it all worked out where we could shower them! It was a short visit.but we will take it! so much fun while it lasted! and hopefully a certain now non-midland mom, got her taco villa and jumburrito fix! ;)Thanks, Kasey for coming to midland for your 

That night..the kids opened their valentine from Gamy and Granddaddy...the biggest stuffed bear we have ever seen! ha! ty and hanna loved it..claire was  little uncertain...but, she has since warmed up to him...and they call him "teddy" and contrary to his size...he's pretty nomadic! haha! 
Thanks gamy and granddaddy.

Sunday, Valentine's Day....
we had a whole day of activities...
being a sunday, we had church...claire's class made the cutest card...

Then Hanna and I went to see The Little Mermaid at the Theater. 
She loves that do I, so it's always fun...and she thinks she's pretty big! ha! 
 and ariel is one of her favorite princesses...(if not the favorite) so we knew she would love it was  special mommy-hanna date. 

she loved it so much, she had sweet dreams about! the second set got It was a good 2 1/2 hour the second half with the lights low and music playing was a perfect lullabye! lol! 

after the show we got to meet and greet the cast....of all the characters..hanna wanted her picture with a cute little boy, Flounder..ha...and of course, Ariel! 

after the show it was dinner we met trav an the other 2 at fuddruckers...random I know, but wanted to find a quick place, that was open on sunday, that wouldn't be too crowded. We hadn't been there in several years!

once we got home..I played ty's newest love..the Wii...with him..that was kinda our time..and not going to's pretty fun! 

It was a fun filled, fast, day spend with the ones I loved! I even woke up to the sweetest note by my hubs...with a candle ( i love those things) followed by another sweet note from my little boy! those are the best gifts of all! 
Love my little tribe!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gymnastics Pre-Team...

If you know Hanna you know her love for gymnastics, climbing, cheer and dance...she's been our little monkey from a young young age! constantly cheering, jumping, climbing on everything. 
She started gymnastics at 2 years and has just loved it...and has a natural knack....over the summer we switched to a more ligit gymnastics location and we have all loved it. Last week she was asked to be apart of their Pre- Team...which consists of 2 days a week hour long practices.and one step closer for team (if we ever chose to do that)....b/c the last thing we need was more on our plate..but, as we discussed it...travis and I thought we need to let her do what she least try and see what she thinks....Last week, Claire was also asked to advance to the 3-5 year old class...that means no more mommy and me for this momma! haha! i was all about that request! haha! She, sadly, missed this weeks class b/c of her pneumonia...but hopefully next week she will be ready to go! she will be so excited...she does everything "by myself" anyways...ha! 

so, we now go m/w 12-1 and wed, I have hired my little next door neighbor to watch claire on mondays while I take claire can nap! 
so that will be nice!

Hanna has LOVED it and just feels so big. They do a lot more and more difficult gymnastics things.ha! 
She nailed her front flip on the tramp wednesday. and was just so excited! It's a lot more work, only 1 water break and with few girls and harder skills..she is worn plum out..actually, it's good for her! and fun to see her get excited when she nails a skill. Monday, on a front flip, she didn't time it right and landed awkwardly on her neck/back...she teared up a little from being scared..not from hurting.haha., the coach consoled her and she got right back on and tried again...I was so proud of her! 
Love watching her..can't wait to see what she accomplishes!

Way to go, Hanna!! 

Monday, February 8, 2016

basketball season...

Another medal was added to the collection...which is always the highlight of the season!
6 weeks came and went...and what a fun team he had! 
We had so much fun watching him...always fun to see your kid truly enjoy and get excited!
he scored some games and some he did't..and one he scored twice..and boy was he on cloud nine!
so proud of our little boy!

now on to the next sport!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Granddaddy came to town...

Last Thursday Granddaddy came to visit..since he was in the area for work...and it was a nice treat for us...he always spoils the kids with going out to eat..which in turn, spoils me, bc this momma didn't have to cook! :) thanks granddaddy! :) 

Thursday before he and Hanna had a wonderful Hanna and mommy day since she was home with strep....we had so much little helper...

and that night, since she was on antibiotics for a full 24 hours by then..she got to attend ty's game...

ty had so much fun showing granddaddy his basketball game...

Friday morning, Granddaddy took ty to school...and treated him to a donut on the, since he got donuts..the girls wanted them as, we went to the donut shop!
When we got home...claire shortly fell asleep after we got home...could have been from a donut coma...but no doubt it's because by friday she is pooped! 

After Ty got out of school...granddaddy treated them(and their driver) to their favorite ice cream...super hero...why you may ask? b/c it turns their #2! haha!

after swensen's and daddy got home..we decided to go much fun..haven't done that in for ever. but, it created an appettie for the off to roadhouse we went for dinner...ty's favorite place...mainly bc of the rolls...haha!

after 2 demolished 2 baskets of rolls by himself and we all finished eating and balloon characters were made...machine gun for ty, mermaid for hanna and flower for was late and we were ready to leave..

saturday, ty had his last 8am basketball practice...we will definitely not miss those..excited for ty to have his one day of resting in back...
once he and trav got home we went on a little walk and then after claire's nap..we went for a late lunch and then to drop granddaddy off at the airport..and then picked up some pizzas for the kids and babysitter since trav and I had a dinner date..which the babysitter said they all went down great! haha...they were whipped!