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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


A couple of weeks ago marked Ty's first adventures of basketball...this is my jam...and now that we are almost 2 weeks in...I, once again, have newfound respect for my they watched me play basketball since I was ty's age...whew(surely it wasn't as brutal...haha) ...for someone who was super competitive in basketball...this is tough to! But, they are doing good. haven't won yet..but, they know the rules and abide by them (can't say that for every team). 
Ty is loving it. He is hustling after balls, sprints back on defense and has this new found spunk....we have never seen that from our calm child. This may just be his sport? ha! who knows. 
With 15 kids on the team...woa...the coaches are doing a great job getting everyone equal playing time...not an easy job. 
Travis is coaching and doing a great job...the kids always take to him well..along with a friend's dad...and together they are teaching the kids the basic fundamentals...which is definitely not the easiest with 5 and 6 year olds. ha! 
They play every tuesday and thursdays at 6 and practice saturdays at 8am....way to early! ha...but, that's the time the Y gives our, that's what we do! That's always just a  daddy-ty time.haha! 

on tuesdays we go directly from hanna's dance to ty's basketball game. (so,sonic or a pbj is what's for dinner..ha).. 
This past tuesday was parents day..since typically, we just drop kid off and continue on our way...(me, ty and claire usually run errands during that time)...but, we got to stay and watch this time to see what they have been learning as they gear up for their recital. (there is no way of viewing the dancers from the waiting it was a full surprise.)...
we loved getting to watch her as hanna truly loves to dance...and then to find out her recital costume is  a ball of pink sequined fluff....she was in (her favorite thing). 
Seeing tiny dancers is quite possibly the cutest thing to see...they are all so precious and adorable and were excited to show their mommies their skills! ha! 

hate to leave claire out of the, she is still going strong in gymnastics..but since I do it with her pics are limited. 
this is the most recent pic I have of my little claire bear...
can't seem to kick her sinus, it's around the clock breathing treatments. but, doesn't slow her down!

Oh! we did go see Wild Kratts Live this past weekend....casey, b&S came in we, along with mom-mom, went to see chris and martin. 
we were a little saddened (I think with most of the audience) that there weren't live animals...but, it was a cute show that had poor production. ha!
but, the kids had fun! 

well, that post became more than just the intended basketball post..but, when i have to cram it all in. ha!
Love our busy schedules...makes saturday's and lazy sunday's more appreciated. !ha!

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