Rollin' with the Roby's

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas break R&R....

Before kids are in school, I truly didn't appreciate having a break from school and activities...but, I completely appreciate them nice not having to be up and out the door by 7:30. 

so, the first couple of days off the kids slept until almost 8...and we sure did just lounge in bed together until we had to take hanna to a playdate..haha! it was glorious! 

dentist appt for the kiddos wed...was our only scheduled activity...

we hit the downtown midland "ice rink"...which was a fake rink..but kids still had a blast. 

we had travis' company "family christmas party" the petroleum club..should have seen the red flag  at PC...but, we all went ...and lets just say, it wasn't quite kid-friendly..haha! but, santa was there..and the kids got some really nice it made up for it..haha! 

other than that we just relaxed was so great! 

jake loved having all his sibs there everyday...

ready for daddy's company party...dressed to impress...with the

some boy time..

                                                                had to try out our new cookie dippers...

naturally, all kids were sick...

midland downtown ice..

travis was off thursday this happened friday and saturday...

so nice having our family time before the travel time started...

Christmas class parties...

Christmas class parties...
Claire had her birthday party for Jesus on thursday...
and the following tuesday, ty and hanna had their parties at 11:30 and had early dismissal at 12. 
Hanna's PK class wore their jimmies and watched polar express while having hot chocolate, and lots of treats...
and ty's 1st grade, had hot chocolate, and several treats..and played a little fun game! 
I tried to sneak them out about 11:45...(since me, claire and jake had been there since 11...claire was anxious to party with them..haha)..but, they wanted to stay with their friends..haha! 

SO, tuesday, afternoon we were school-free....until Jan 4th! woohoo!!!

Show Poms Christmas performance..

Hanna could not have been more excited for her show poms christmas performance. Of course, the wind had to be howling 50mph that day...but that definitely didn't slow her down one bit.

She did one dance to "I got the spirit inside my bones" from the movie, Trolls...and then all ages did a dance to, " you better not pout". It was so cute and she did so great. definitely in her element. 
She has LOVED show poms and gets so excited about it! 

of course, claire knows the dances and cheers..and can't wait to turn 4 so she can join! haha! (until then, she was super excited to get to put on hanna's uniform..hehe). 

Friday, December 16, 2016

5 months

Another month has come and our little boy is 5 months old! 
He is really starting to get a cute little personality and he is just so fun. 
We started him on solids when he was about 4.5M to help see if it would make him last longer in between feeds..since he still likes to eat every 3 hours. Although it didn't help initially, he has been going longer stretches in between he eats every 2-3 hours...and will go up to 4-5 at night!! it's been great! 
He isn't a big fan of the solids...definitely does not like rice we went on to bananas...and after a while he decided he liked that ...but those really made him we haven't done those again..yet.
peas were next..another sour face..and not a was sweet potatoes..that seemed to be tolerable..haha! 
and lastly, we have done carrots..not exactly a fan..will take up to 2-3 bites and then decides he's not a fan. 
but, he does love prunes..found that out when he was constipated..:) 

of all our kids, he is definitely the pickiest!! ha! (at least when it comes to baby food). 

He talks up a storm...definitely wants his voice to be heard. but, i love those little voices, sounds, giggles and laughs...and his big smiles light up my day! 

he is a squirmy wormy...constantly moving when being held and immediately flips over when on his back..and then keeps rolling. 

He found his feet...and constantly plays with them. 

Still keeps a fist in his mouth at all his sleeves are typically drenched with drool...and he changes clothes a few times a day bc he spits up so much on them. ha! 

He loves to play "pat a cake" and "happy if you know it"..


started tucking his knees and arms under him so off his belly..that has helped his sleeping as well. :) 

he and claire are so sweet together...he can spot her out of a crowd..and she is constantly up in his space, wanting to hold him, feed him, play with him, etc. 

He had his first time away from his mommy and daddy while we were in NYC...he did good...especially once we got his bowls under control. haha.  but I could not wait to get my hands on him once we got home!

Had his first lunch with bigs at school...

Love you, JTR!