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Monday, December 28, 2015

Winter wonderland...

Although it snowed, a ton in midland, it snowed an inch or snow here at the, the kids were able to play a little. most was ice..but a thin layer of snow could be found. 

The boys were all about the snowball fights..and the girls (well, sophia) hanna and claire weren't huge fans of the cold! (must take after their mom). were all about the snow ice cream. 

After a little playtime and gathering snow for ice cream...everyone came in to warm up...and have a morning snack of snow ice cream...then it was time for round 2. 

We got the mule, a kiddie pool and a ski rope..and rigged up a little sledding action! The boys loved did claire and sophi! hanna was a little too cold. 

it was fun being outside!!!! and a good thing we played that morning b/c later that afternoon it was pretty much all melted. 

round 2...

Claire was antsy to have her she rode with ty! 
brady figured out how to put robe around his knees and he had some really good runs....
if ty feel out of the "sled" he would just hold on to the rope and ride on his belly! he loved it! 

Then it was time for thawing out, lunch and hot chocolate...
mom mom spoiled them and with homemade hot chocolate with whip cream and marshmellows!

a fun morning in the snow!!! 

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