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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015...

After a few days at the and the kids headed to Gamy and Granddaddy's on tuesday and Travis flew and met us there! 
Going from the lake cut a 2 hours off our trip...and it was a pretty pleasant drive!! Even big, kindergartner, Ty was catching flies!!haha!

once we got there poor little cousin, Elly, was the full attention! poor baby girl had hands all over her and bodies all around!

and cousin A got to spend the night..

next day we went to a super fun place called, Giggles and Fun..where the kids ran and used their imagination...but after 2 hours, ty finally got bored (or so he says) so, we headed back for naps!

That night we went to Victors to we could keep the kitchen clean/no dirty dishes...since all the fam was coming the next day....

Thursday...HAppy THANKSGIVING!!!! 
The bar was set, the food was brought and family arrived....i think there were like 20-21 adults and 12 kids....thank goodness a bouncy house was in the backyard...definitely helped keep the kids entertained...but there is always room for a dance me whip...was in full force....:)

this whole family doesn't get ALL together often so when we do we take advantage and get pictures!!!
Nana and granddaddy will celebrate their 64th wedding anny in December!

Gamy and Granddaddy with their grands....

gigi and great granddaddy with their great grands....

grandma joan with her grands and great grands...

4 generation pic...

What awesome cousins I married into....and SIL!

It was kinda windy..(ok, maybe a lot) and got kinda the party came in for a little dance show..

sweet 4 year olds...

that night we were rooting on the red raiders....

look at this proper little guy!haha!

and this nervous wreck game was definitely a nail bitter!

the after crowd...couldn't miss kingsbury's interview...and all kids were asleeep! ha!

friday we just relaxed and had some friends come over and play! 

Saturday, we loaded up and headed home...but along the way, a little boy started getting car sick and we had a little cousin that was at the lake wanting to see his friend,, we decided to stop at the lake....
which meant we got a few hours in with family...and ty and M had a blast together! so glad we did that!
It was cold and rainy all a fire was perfect! 

looking for deer!ha!

these glad they got to see each other! 

sunday we got up and headed home...since we had been gone for 9 days I was ready to get home, get our christmas out..and get all settled for reality to get back in order! 

what a wonderful thanksgiving we very blessed..
Football, family and food...what a perfect holiday! :) 

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