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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Semester Ends...and school parties...

Christmas break has a whole new meaning when you are in school...or your kids are! ha! we are super excited about the 2 weeks off...

For our last life group of the year....we had a huge hay ride around  a neighborhood looking at christmas lights while eating cookies and having hot was so much fun and definitely got you in the spirit!

then claire did this all sleeping for her..unless it was on me...come to find out she has, that makes sense..!

waiting to pick ty up on wednesday.

On Thursday it was the last day for all 3 kiddos...Ty got out at 12...and the girls at 3. so, Ty was so excited to get to attend their parties..and see his pre-4 teacher! 
He had a party as well, so, I went up to party with him. They decorated gingerbread paper, gingerbread cookies and other crafts and had hot chocolate. 
They did a gift exchange and when there are 16 kids in your class...ty's bag ended up being almost too little..ha! He had a lot of fun. but when the bell rang...we were outta there! 
Awhile back when Ty learned he was going to be out of school before the girls he asked to go to the pottery! So...that's what we did! Then we picked up his friend C and headed to the girls party! 

They do a journal entry every morning...and we got to take the journal home...since they ran out of paper for the's amazing his progress...Glad to know he is learning!! ha!

Ty had the littlest snoman name...haha...he said, "everyone said mine looked like a real snoman." haha!

after spending 30 min(haha..not really but sure did feel like it) he finally picked out a object to paint...a football piggy bank.  The hardest part about the pottery is having to wait for it to "cook"! 7-10 days is a long time for a little one!

Now off to the girls bday party for Jesus...

When you have to run back and forth between are slim..ha!

On jammie day....claire, of course, was not a fan of santa so they brought hanna in to help....hehe!

We will be home for a week until christmas day..then off to christmas at the lake with my fam and then continue on to houston with travis'!!!! 

Happy Holidays!!!!

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