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Monday, December 7, 2015

Santa visit 2015...

The kids have their own christmas tree that they decorate completely by themselves and use their homemade christmas ornaments to adorn it! They do a fantastic job! 
and for 3 years now I they get to pick out an ornament for their tree! it's kinda fun seeing what they representation of what they are into that year! 
This year, Ty chose a robot, hanna a my little pony, and claire a barbie! haha! 

after they chose their ornaments....we went to see Santa's the same santa that we have seen since Ty was born...he just gets better and better! 
Ty and Hanna were SUPER PUMPED....from that morning until we were there..sooooo excited. From the moment I told Claire we were going, "I know like santa." I thought, seeing her 2 older sibs be excited and them trying to calm her fears...she would follow suit....but, nope she stuck to her guns and kept saying, "I don't like santa, I don't want to see santa" lol...but, like any good mom..(hehe) I called her bluff and took her, she had to go...haha!
we waited for almost an was get this response....

I mean, and all out, kicking, screaming, alligator tears..she was scared to death! I felt so bad for her. she was just terrified. 
and poor ty and hanna didn't know what to do since claire was crying so hard. They were having to loudly tell santa what they wanted....Ty: a skateboard and Hanna: a sparkle microphone! 
Luckily amazon prime delivered the skateboard....can't say the same for a sparkle microphone..kinda goes along with the "sparkle baby doll" she wanted last year. They just don't make, last year I improvised. and this year I will be hot glueing rhinestones on her mic. why can't miranda lambert or T swift send hanna one of theirs! ha! 

Santa comes to the girls school tomorrow....i feel as If i should warn the teachers..!!!haha! 

maybe next year all 3 will be smiling!!! #alwayshope

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