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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve...

Christmas Eve is always a special time for us since it's just our little family celebrating together. We cook dinner, open gifts and get ready for Santa Claus. 
This year was a hard year for me knowing what gifts to get the kids....ty had a few options he wanted but we gave a lot of our ideas to grandparents so making our lists hard! They just didn't want or need anything! but, at the same time it was fun getting them things they had no clue they were receiving! 
after we cleaned up..and the kids finally were in bed...santa snuck the gifts down...only having to build one gift (bball goal) and add some sparkles to was a pretty easy gift year...high five!

Christmas Eve... 

presents from mommy and daddy

biggest hit of ty's gifts were the walkie talkies!! they will definitely come in handy. 

and hanna's favorite was the walking barbie horse...(claire also loved that..ha).

claire's fav gift was her anna and elsa microphone....

but claire could swing all day and just be as happy!

cookies for santa...because hanna and claire got to make and cut out the cookies (ty was next-door playing) santa got cinderella shoes and princess castles mixed in with the snowmen, gingerbread men, presents and trees! 
and they were delicious!! hehe

finally...(thanks to everyone napping) they feel asleep

Christmas morning...travis was up and dying to wake the kids up...but, like any good mom..i said, no, let them sleep! haha! finally close to 7 ty woke up and then the girls....(although the girls had come to our bed at some point and completely missed seeing their gifts..haha)...

on ty's list...a skateboard, basketball goal, crossbow nerf gun..and a last minute add on was a rubix cube....luckily, i had already got one b/c he is really wanting to do one...but, big mom fail....i completely forgot about it when putting gifts out and when ty asked about it i searched my hidden bags for it...and no sign of it! I felt terrible...i was actually so excited for him to see that...i just have no clue what happened to it! so bummed. but, as, it's the end of the day, he hasn't mentioned it, i think we are good! ha
he got a few other goodies not on his list that he was excited about. 

The girls were hard for gifts..but especially for santa since we have to have the same amounts of presents....all claire wanted was a baby doll...b/c what's one more to the 20 others we have! ha! 
but, she loves that baby doll and has carried her around all day! her second favorite was the suckers inside her stocking! haha...oh, and her lipsticks! :)

all Hanna wanted was a sparkle microphone....
but had also, in passing, mentioned wanting a pink watch and pink sparkle shorts we had seen at store before...
she loved her sparkle microphone...but LOVED her "own gum" that was in her stocking . and her finger nail polish! ha!

it was a fast once santa gifts were seen ...we loaded the car and headed to the lake to have christmas with my family. 
santa is so much fun....but, it was tricky this year as their lists were slim! 
I can't believe christmas is already sure did creep on us. 

we are truly blessed and are thankful for Jesus' birth! 

Merry Christmas!!! 

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