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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas day...

This year was christmas with my by 9:00 we were on the road for the lake to meet my parents and sister and her family! 
It started out a cloudy, cold, windy day...but that afternoon the sun came out and it was beautiful...but, we were too busy opening presents to enjoy the outdoors! ha! 

mom had the place all decorated with some cute little festive touches...and it smelled wonderful as she had lunch all ready once we got there! :) 
After lunch it was present time...the kids all went first and then after we had their done and put away, it was the adults turn. :) 

after all that the trav and daniel took my dad to the dr in the closest town for a tooth infection....that took a lot longer than expected since they had to wait awhile and then go to another town to pick up meds...but, dad got what he needed so hopefully he will be feeling better soon..he certainly toughed it out to stay with the family! 

love holidays because they are spent with family....and that's what it is all about....
like the grinch says, "maybe christmas doesn't come from stores, maybe it comes from a little bit more."

now...where to put all these gifts! ha! 
Thanks mom and dad for another wonderful christmas! 

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