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Monday, November 23, 2015


We alternate holidays in our fam since our families are about 7 hours apart...and this year we go to Houston for Thanksgiving . So, my side of the family met at my parents lake house for a small get together...minus my farmer, brother in law who had to sow wheat!! Ty got out of school at 12 on friday so, he and travis went to the deer lease and shot some things..but no deer. and came to the lake that night..since it's just an hour from deer lease.Friday night was absolutely before the house was took the girls for a "buggy ride" Claire's absolute favorite activity....and I sat and enjoyed a glass of bubble, birds chirping and deer munching on corn..BLISS!!!  Casey, B&S came after they got out of school and meme came saturday! Saturday was pretty chilly and, we stayed primarily indoors...but, thanks to a heater in the garage the boys worked on their "spaceships" pretty much all day...cutting windows, making buttons for their dash...pretty cool and a perfect activity for that day. Girls just kinda acted like sisters...and got in their way! haha! 
Sunday was another gorgeous, we spent every second outdoors...with some pickup basketball games....brady won defensive player of the game with his block out skills....such a fun time. 
casey and the kids have they went back to abilene...but, TY DOESN't!! WOOHOO!! so, we stayed...Travis went to deer lease after lunch...and meme went home monday morning. 
After meme left, the girls (me, mom, hanna and claire) drove to brady to pick up some furniture and planned to do a little shopping..but, all stores were closed! ha! so, we just came back. Ty stayed with Grandpa and practiced shooting birds and played a game of tick tac toe on a target board with the bb gun! ha! 
and then ty was back on the ball court with a game with mom mom. 
Tomorrow, Tuesday, me and the kids will head to Houston and Travis will fly and meet us there for some more family fun time! 
Love this time of year...and this Holiday! We certainly have so much to be thankful for! BLESSED!!!

I love when my kids want to crawl up in my lap..but, especially Ty....melts my heart everytime...he'll never be too old! (or at least I hope he thinks that).

cold day activity! yay for boxes, tap, markers and imaginations....

not sure who was more excited about the BB gun target...trav or the boys!haha.

saturday, the boys braved the cold weather..and sat in their make shift deer blind and may or may not have stung a few does with a BB!!! and they had a blast doing it! Of course, the girls had to get in on the action too! 

sunday morning steam...

perfect tree for climbing...

always time for pictures...:)

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