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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday, Claire

Claire seriously seems like yesterday you were on earth are you already 2!!!!! our baby girl is officially a toddler!! WOW! 

You are certainly a joy in our family...definitely the funny one! you sure can make us smile and laugh constantly! 
you chat up a storm...which is great..because I absolutely love talking to you...but, my goodness...there are times I literally have to tell you to play the quiet game! which lasts a whole whopping few seconds! which always results in a giggle from me...and it's always a loud voice...i guess being the 3rd you feel you have to yell to be heard! haha! Trust me, I can hear you...loud and clear! ha! 
You have a love for babies..just like your big sis! Thanks to mom-mom for saving the day with your very own stroller (hopefully will cut back on the stroller fights) and you just push your baby around!! 
you have a playroom full of babies...but constantly want more! There was once in Target you eyed the baby isle and insisted we, since it was creeping up on your birthday, I thought, ok..I'll get some gift ideas....well, it backfired..b/c you were adamant about having this particular baby doll...I tried offering, cheaper options...but, no go...I was the mean mom, and said no, b/c then you have to get everyone something..
weeks went by and Gamy and Granddaddy came to visit and took the grands to target to pick out a toy and when I saw what you picked was the SAME baby!! haha! gamy and granddaddy to the rescue...but, then I had to find a new gift! lol! 

you absolutely LOVE gymnastics and look forward to getting dressed Every wednesday, it was perfect when your 2nd bday fell on gymnastics day! just perfect! 

you are a social butterfly and love telling everyone, "Hi." You also made ME repeat saying, "Thank you everybody" 100 times the other day! 
"Mommy, you say, Thank you everybody." (quiet game quickly followed) lol.
so, school is a favorite of yours! 

You have your bunny still and thumb goes in mouth when sleepy....same as your big bro, ty!

You are doing great in your big girl bed..of course, being chatty cathy, you love to talk to hanna...but, once asleep you stay in your bed all night. some nights, you come follow your sibs lead and crawl in bed with us...but, you are doing great! 

you weighed 26lbs (42%) and are 32.8 in tall (25%).

Just writing this makes me are such a fun and sweet girl. 
We love you so much! 

Couldn't do 2 year old pics..without her fav...babies!

however, our sweet and smiley little girl..was feeling all of 2..this afternoon....

she always talks about going in this pic..she said, "I go potty." but, refuses to go once on potty. She tells me when to change her diaper and when she goes poo-poo's all talk..."Claire, you want to go potty? You get candy when you go tee-tee on the potty."  "No." UGH! haha

this was instigated by her sister.."claire, do your pouty face." lol

on her birthday she got a little breakfast celebration with cinnamon rolls...and she woke up all.about.her.birthday! I said, "good moring, sweet girl, Happy birthday." and then we all started singing...and she kept saying, "it my birf-day"...she was so excited! and when people would call her or text with songs...she would get the biggest smile on her face. so cute!

after a few errands, and the dr....we made it for the last half of gymnastics (totally messed up our dr appt time) but, i knew I HAD to get her to gymnastics since he was looking forward to we made the last 15 minutes....but, she was not ready to leave..she knew we weren't there long enough..haha! 

so, her teacher gave her 4 stamps in honor of her birthday. 2 on arms..2 on feet! :)

we had pizza and cake for your birthday dinner...and got a baby doll (what else) from mommy and daddy! 

We love you so very much! 
Happy Birthday, Claire Bear!

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