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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Self Haircut...

Last and the girls were working on Claire's Halloween costume...which involved having scissors. 
I'm a pretty cautious mom yet know their boundaries. Thankfully, we have never had any issues with, when I left them on the table to turn my back to grab an apple slice for the girls...I was in complete shock when I turned to hear Hanna say..."mommy, look" and showing me her handful of hair! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!
I literally just stared at her in utter shock...I didn't even know what to do/say. I definitely did not see that coming...and wow, what fast work she did! ha! 
I think my, deer in the headlights look, scared her...since it wasn't the reaction she was probably expecting...we defeintely were not cheering and high, she started crying! I kept thinking..did this really just happen? but, as I threw her chunks of hair in the trash..I was reminded...yes, it was real! 
But, I have to give it to her....she did a pretty good job...definitely could have been A LOT worse. 
She absolutely LOVES to play "beauty shop!" She is constantly doing her hair, during rest or bedtime..haha...and can put her hair and mine into ponytails...she's good....but, never has she used real scissors to cut! ha!

Luckily, 1) it was cut in a good spot, the side of her head, and blends in pretty good
2) we have a friend/neighbor who is a LICENSED (ha), we went to her backyard and she cut hanna's hair to help it blend better! 

Hanna is our super spunky child and keeps life interesting for sure! So, this was just another way she keeps me on my toes! haha! 

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