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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mommy- Ty Day....

Ever since we had multiple kids...and especially when they were in "school" (MDO) I always do a mommy and ____ day! 
Since Ty is in Kinder this year, with real attendance, I was just going to let him be absent one T or Th when the girls are in school...(sorry mom..haha..aka the superintendent of the school)...but, last week when he couldn't kick his cough and fever and I finally took he and the girls to the dr....although he tested negative for flu and strep...he sounded awful and Dr then chalked it up to a bad virus and wanted him to stay home for 2 days...mainly for contagious reasons! 

So...monday, he got to hang out with us girls and Tuesday, we sent the girls to school and had our own "Mommy-Ty Day"....and it still warmed my heart to see him excited! 
Since he seemed to be feeling better we were able to get out of the house, but still wanted to stay clear of, we ran a few errands and then he mentioned going to "see the animals where we took pictures." lol. took me awhile to realize where he meant...haha! Christmas ,coming up 2 years ago, we went to Clay Desta in Midland (since it was cold outside..and claire was just a month old) to take some family pictures. 
So...we cruised to clay desta to see "the animals." It was actually a lot of fun...we had a great time. and there were more animals than last time. we laughed, tricked each other and rode the escalator up and down like Corduroy! after we had searched multiple times to make sure we didn't miss any animals.. we left....all the while skipping to the car..haha! He just makes me smile! 
We ran a few more errands and then hit up Chick fil A for lunch! I definitely had the cutest lunch date!
then a quick trip to mom-mom and grandpa's...and Ty worked on some of the papers/homework he had to make up! (we had given a friend a tour of his school that morning and got his work while there). 
but, then our time was cut short..b/c I got a call from the girls school that claire had a couple of "bad" we had to pick her up..and just got hanna too.
Girls always crashing the party! haha 
I had such a great time with my little boy and just love love love him! 
Thankfully, he was feeling better wednesday and was able to attend school! but that nasty virus sure did take a toll on kid who hasn't napped in years napped everyday and went to bed on time as wore him out! 
Glad he is so much better! :)

ty: "Mommy, do you want to take a selfie" umm...why else do we have a selfie stick...of course I do." lol...

tuesday morning seeing "the animals."

up and down, up and down...I'm sure workers in side got a kick from us..or annoyed! haha!

nuggets, fries, lemonade, honey mustard and ketchup....every time! :)

we still haven't finished all his work..woops.. so much!

when you know your kids don't feel well....they sleep! :(

I've been making christmas lists lately....and after seeing how much fun he had building his "space ship" I am convinced I am just going to get some boxes, scissors, tape and markers for gifts! ha!

Thursday, Ty's school had math/science night! since it's ty's 2 favorite subjects....we couldn't miss! 
We started at the PE field for the scavenger hunt and to earn a "foot token"...BIG deal! 

ty took a pic here earlier...and is a 10!
so had to see how the girls measured up....

built a paper airplane with a catapult..

and did a science experiment with pixie sticks, baking soda and water...

there were many more...but it was 5:30 by this time and claire was done! ha! 

Love the school activities to see/meet other friends he has made!

THankful for my little boy and his sisters! :) 

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