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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday, Hanna...

The Last night our little girl was 3.....and now...she woke up as a 4 year old....

(you may ask why her shirt is off??? great it was on when I put her in bed....but it usually stems b/c her big bro, ty has started sleeping in just pajama, her little self wants to do the same)...

She is as sweet as can be when sleeping (and a lot during the day) but there are some moments/ the saying the kind of woman when you wake up the world says, dang, she's up!!!  That's Hanna!!!  hahaha

How is it possibly that our Hanna James is 4....i feel like literally, yesterday she surprised us by coming a week early and then came out a loud crying GIRL!!! 
She has kept us on our toes ever since! 
I seriously, can't imagine  life without her...
 She has the most fun personality..and keeps me laughing. 
She can mimic i know she can listen..haha..
but loves to play, "mommy and teacher." therefore, she can be bossy! ha! Seriously, though....babies are HER THING!! She can hear one a mile away...and where there is a baby..Hanna is right there! 
She cracks me up the way she plays (since she copies how others talk and act) and is CONSTANTLY in my closet...she wears, on average, 5 pairs of my shoes a day (typically all heels/wedges) but, gets my jewelry, makeup, name it...she gets it! 
and I laugh everytime! It's become a new normal! If she would only learn to hang my clothes back up! ha!
she has such a great imagination..which usually comes out around rest and bedtime...but, she can keep travis and I laughing as we listen to her! 
She still LOVES the color pink and anything that sparkles! 
Cheerleading is her gig and does them all day....still obsessed with dance and gymnastics. 
She is the best big sister...and claire just loves her! and is the best cheerleader for matter what the situation is...she loves him so much!
She can give the BEST HUGS EVER and turn around and be the biggest pain in your neck! lol! 
I laugh as I write this because she seriously always makes me laugh...through naughty or nice! I just love her soo very much...she's the best thorn in my side ever! lol! 
Not a doubt in my mind with her spunky, sassy, determined, independent attitude...she will do great things...cheering others on along the way! :)
Love you to the moon and back,  Princess Hanna!!!

Just so happened on her was her MDO's Halloween party and got to dress up for the pumpkin parade....

but, what's a Hanna bday without pink pancakes...

Perfect saying for our Hanna!

and captured she can be sweet...hehe!

our little tiny dancer...oh my how she LOVES to dance!
When i took these pictures I think she completely forgot I was there snapping away....she was in her element..and her own world! 
my little ballerina!

Happy Birthday, Hanna! 
WE love you so very much!

RIP will not be missed! :)

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