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Friday, October 16, 2015

Hanna's First Slumber Party...

The day that we (moms of the girls) have talked about for years finally came true last night. Hanna and her best little friend got to have a slumber party! Ty had fball after we made pizza's and cookies (I couldn't leave ty out of the fun) we girls stayed home and decorated our cookies. (and ty got to decorate some when he got home)....I had envisioned nail polish, hair, dress up..etc..but, after dinner...those 2 girls just played and played and were having such a great time I didn't even bother them with my ideas...clearly, playing "horse and babies" were way more fun! haha! and since ty and travis were at practice and claire was asleep...I actually got to read a little of my book! ha! hey, maybe sleepovers are a good thing..haha!

Now, that the girls share a room, hallie has spoken for claire's, claire got booted to Ty's trundle bed...but after a little head bonk..I just moved her to my bed...mainly to ensure she and ty both got to sleep! ha! 
The two HJ's...continued their "playtime" in their room...and travis and I both had to go in several times to tell them to stop chatting...but their giggles were just too cute! finally about 9:45 I told hanna to go to the playroom and she immediately fell asleep...and after Hallie started crying b/c she wanted hanna...we put hanna back in her bed (asleep) and we never heard a peep out of them again..until that morning..they slept great! Hallie came into our room about 6:30..and climbed in bed..with the rest of the whole roby i was going to get out of bed..but hallie told me, "lindsey, why are you getting's still dark outside." I thought..hmm...great, I laid back down for a few more minutes..then we were all up..except ty! poor little guy was so tired! I almost kept him home b/c he was just so sound asleep...but, I figured his superintendent would frown upon that! ;)
and immediately, upon waking up, they wanted to play princess again...but, that kinda got put on hold because they requested 'pink pancakes" for breakfast! 
They had a great time, and i just love their little friendship!

halloween cookies...

girls, what colors of icing do you want, "pink" haha! but, had to add a few halloween colors in there!

"hey guys, look at us."

costume change...

getting all the "sugar bugs" out since they REALLY liked the icing!  haha.

little sis got booted...

2 sleeping beauties..
They were actually in one bed the whole time...(hence the giggles)...but, after asleep we put hanna in her own bed.


the next morning..we just chilled...and perfect since it was cold and windy! 
but, I just wish ty was here to lay around with us...

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