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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Flag Football...

Ty's dreams finally came true when he was signed up for football. He has always loved playing in the backyard...but he now is on a team and has real games...but, he has to play by the official football rules..not his! ha! 
When he watches football he seems to really understand the game...but we are learning....when's a different story! haha! But, with a few more practices and games, he will get it! Usually doesn't take him long. He, of course, loves to run the ball..but seems to be more concerned about his flags than just running, however, on his first game he had a great run! he was super pumped! 
Ty is not the most aggressive any means, but he is learning to get in there and grab those flags. He had a couple really good flag pulls last game and was soooo proud! those took precedence over his run! haha!
He plays 2 days a week either on m/th/saturday! games last an hour!  6 on 6...and he has 12 on his they just rotate around so everyone has a chance to play every position! 
It's, obviously, a faster pace game than tball..and a lot more, he is loving that! he has a good little team...5 of which he knew from MDO and learned one boy is in kinder at the same school ty, that has been fun getting to know family from his school! 
So far, the whole 2 games, have been so cute..and it's so fun to see the boys get so excited about scoring or pulling flags. lots of high fives, clapping and smiles going on!

and, naturally, every football player needs a cheerleader....and lucky for Ty...he has 2 personal ones! 
Hanna and Claire have loved "cheering" for his team!  "Go ty Go." haha!

Picture Day...

Coach Travis...

Ready position..haha

he thought he was pretty cool with this mouth guard and big water bottle..."like the football players"!! 

Sweet little C..cheering for her brother! 

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