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Sunday, October 11, 2015

7 years...

Wow...7 years..that was fast! 
To Celebrate...we decided, last minute, like at 6:00, that we would go out to dinner...we had to watch the tech game first... so, we went to dinner at Cork and Pig and then got a wild hair and decided to venture over to Blue Door for a drink and then when leaving heard a band at the Wine rack so went next door for a drink there! we were crazy! and after that we called it a night...after all, it was nearing 10:00...our bedtime..haha! 

We were able to do all that since the kids were with their gamy and granddaddy in lubbock watching the Red Raiders play! 
So, saturday after Ty's fball game, they headed to lubbock so trav and I went to lunch, ran some errands (including trav shopping with me..haha) and then made it home in time for tech kickoff..where we watched it with no interruptions! haha! 

It was a great day...and so lucky to be married to the man that keeps me laughing and entertained daily! 
Cheers to many, many more! :)

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