Rollin' with the Roby's

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween...

I have to say...this Halloween was a little different with Ty being in school and not involved in the festivities at MDO that we've become accustomed school there is no dressing up, pumpkin parades and parties!! :( so, I decided to pull him out of school 30 minutes early friday to attend Travis' office festivities..and didn't feel guilty one bit..haha! I wanted him to enjoy as well! I feel so bad about doing things during the day without him since he's at school...but, there was no way he was missing an opportunity to dress up, get candy and have fun! :) 

Then on halloween, our neighborhood had a hot dog cookout and then went trick or treating with our friends/neighbors! and the kids had a blast. Hanna just took off knocking on doors...and claire was all about it chanting.."Go candy go" so...she throughly enjoyed herself! haha! but, it was super hard to keep up with them all..since they had different, I saw Ty for just a split second..before he went with a couple of his little friends (and a mom) and he got to stay out until almost 10:00..which is super late for him..but, thankful for time change it was as late! haha! 
but, he had a blast being with just boys...a rarity for him..
and hanna and claire enjoyed passing out candy! (and maybe eating a few) 

It was a fun halloween as a Ninja, Mermaid and Angelina Ballerina!!

Claire's class party...

then we busted up Hanna's class party....

pumpkin parade that morning...

Travis' office halloween trick or treat...
photo opp...

pumpkin bowling..

face painting..

no hands donut eating...

digging for "treasures"


daddy's new office...

dinner with friends...oreo decorating for dessert....


hot dog eating..

bright sun..

2 sparkly girls ready for some candy...

she started on her bike....but, ditched it shortly after...

claire figured it out super quick...

this is about how I saw Ty...for a flash...

these 3 had the best time!! 

Happy Halloween 2015!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday, Hanna...

The Last night our little girl was 3.....and now...she woke up as a 4 year old....

(you may ask why her shirt is off??? great it was on when I put her in bed....but it usually stems b/c her big bro, ty has started sleeping in just pajama, her little self wants to do the same)...

She is as sweet as can be when sleeping (and a lot during the day) but there are some moments/ the saying the kind of woman when you wake up the world says, dang, she's up!!!  That's Hanna!!!  hahaha

How is it possibly that our Hanna James is 4....i feel like literally, yesterday she surprised us by coming a week early and then came out a loud crying GIRL!!! 
She has kept us on our toes ever since! 
I seriously, can't imagine  life without her...
 She has the most fun personality..and keeps me laughing. 
She can mimic i know she can listen..haha..
but loves to play, "mommy and teacher." therefore, she can be bossy! ha! Seriously, though....babies are HER THING!! She can hear one a mile away...and where there is a baby..Hanna is right there! 
She cracks me up the way she plays (since she copies how others talk and act) and is CONSTANTLY in my closet...she wears, on average, 5 pairs of my shoes a day (typically all heels/wedges) but, gets my jewelry, makeup, name it...she gets it! 
and I laugh everytime! It's become a new normal! If she would only learn to hang my clothes back up! ha!
she has such a great imagination..which usually comes out around rest and bedtime...but, she can keep travis and I laughing as we listen to her! 
She still LOVES the color pink and anything that sparkles! 
Cheerleading is her gig and does them all day....still obsessed with dance and gymnastics. 
She is the best big sister...and claire just loves her! and is the best cheerleader for matter what the situation is...she loves him so much!
She can give the BEST HUGS EVER and turn around and be the biggest pain in your neck! lol! 
I laugh as I write this because she seriously always makes me laugh...through naughty or nice! I just love her soo very much...she's the best thorn in my side ever! lol! 
Not a doubt in my mind with her spunky, sassy, determined, independent attitude...she will do great things...cheering others on along the way! :)
Love you to the moon and back,  Princess Hanna!!!

Just so happened on her was her MDO's Halloween party and got to dress up for the pumpkin parade....

but, what's a Hanna bday without pink pancakes...

Perfect saying for our Hanna!

and captured she can be sweet...hehe!

our little tiny dancer...oh my how she LOVES to dance!
When i took these pictures I think she completely forgot I was there snapping away....she was in her element..and her own world! 
my little ballerina!

Happy Birthday, Hanna! 
WE love you so very much!

RIP will not be missed! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Self Haircut...

Last and the girls were working on Claire's Halloween costume...which involved having scissors. 
I'm a pretty cautious mom yet know their boundaries. Thankfully, we have never had any issues with, when I left them on the table to turn my back to grab an apple slice for the girls...I was in complete shock when I turned to hear Hanna say..."mommy, look" and showing me her handful of hair! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!
I literally just stared at her in utter shock...I didn't even know what to do/say. I definitely did not see that coming...and wow, what fast work she did! ha! 
I think my, deer in the headlights look, scared her...since it wasn't the reaction she was probably expecting...we defeintely were not cheering and high, she started crying! I kept thinking..did this really just happen? but, as I threw her chunks of hair in the trash..I was reminded...yes, it was real! 
But, I have to give it to her....she did a pretty good job...definitely could have been A LOT worse. 
She absolutely LOVES to play "beauty shop!" She is constantly doing her hair, during rest or bedtime..haha...and can put her hair and mine into ponytails...she's good....but, never has she used real scissors to cut! ha!

Luckily, 1) it was cut in a good spot, the side of her head, and blends in pretty good
2) we have a friend/neighbor who is a LICENSED (ha), we went to her backyard and she cut hanna's hair to help it blend better! 

Hanna is our super spunky child and keeps life interesting for sure! So, this was just another way she keeps me on my toes! haha! 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mommy- Ty Day....

Ever since we had multiple kids...and especially when they were in "school" (MDO) I always do a mommy and ____ day! 
Since Ty is in Kinder this year, with real attendance, I was just going to let him be absent one T or Th when the girls are in school...(sorry mom..haha..aka the superintendent of the school)...but, last week when he couldn't kick his cough and fever and I finally took he and the girls to the dr....although he tested negative for flu and strep...he sounded awful and Dr then chalked it up to a bad virus and wanted him to stay home for 2 days...mainly for contagious reasons! 

So...monday, he got to hang out with us girls and Tuesday, we sent the girls to school and had our own "Mommy-Ty Day"....and it still warmed my heart to see him excited! 
Since he seemed to be feeling better we were able to get out of the house, but still wanted to stay clear of, we ran a few errands and then he mentioned going to "see the animals where we took pictures." lol. took me awhile to realize where he meant...haha! Christmas ,coming up 2 years ago, we went to Clay Desta in Midland (since it was cold outside..and claire was just a month old) to take some family pictures. 
So...we cruised to clay desta to see "the animals." It was actually a lot of fun...we had a great time. and there were more animals than last time. we laughed, tricked each other and rode the escalator up and down like Corduroy! after we had searched multiple times to make sure we didn't miss any animals.. we left....all the while skipping to the car..haha! He just makes me smile! 
We ran a few more errands and then hit up Chick fil A for lunch! I definitely had the cutest lunch date!
then a quick trip to mom-mom and grandpa's...and Ty worked on some of the papers/homework he had to make up! (we had given a friend a tour of his school that morning and got his work while there). 
but, then our time was cut short..b/c I got a call from the girls school that claire had a couple of "bad" we had to pick her up..and just got hanna too.
Girls always crashing the party! haha 
I had such a great time with my little boy and just love love love him! 
Thankfully, he was feeling better wednesday and was able to attend school! but that nasty virus sure did take a toll on kid who hasn't napped in years napped everyday and went to bed on time as wore him out! 
Glad he is so much better! :)

ty: "Mommy, do you want to take a selfie" umm...why else do we have a selfie stick...of course I do." lol...

tuesday morning seeing "the animals."

up and down, up and down...I'm sure workers in side got a kick from us..or annoyed! haha!

nuggets, fries, lemonade, honey mustard and ketchup....every time! :)

we still haven't finished all his work..woops.. so much!

when you know your kids don't feel well....they sleep! :(

I've been making christmas lists lately....and after seeing how much fun he had building his "space ship" I am convinced I am just going to get some boxes, scissors, tape and markers for gifts! ha!

Thursday, Ty's school had math/science night! since it's ty's 2 favorite subjects....we couldn't miss! 
We started at the PE field for the scavenger hunt and to earn a "foot token"...BIG deal! 

ty took a pic here earlier...and is a 10!
so had to see how the girls measured up....

built a paper airplane with a catapult..

and did a science experiment with pixie sticks, baking soda and water...

there were many more...but it was 5:30 by this time and claire was done! ha! 

Love the school activities to see/meet other friends he has made!

THankful for my little boy and his sisters! :)