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Friday, September 4, 2015

Pictures are Worth a thousand Words...

Our last few weeks in pictures....

To start...Travis' exciting news..he accepted a job with a different company..and started a little over a week ago...he has really enjoyed it and we are so happy, excited and proud for him. 
It had been a grueling month or so when we were told his previous company was going to be relocating all the landmen to the dallas office...after much prayer and consideration...we decided to stay in midland...and prayed for doors to open...and they did! and we are very blessed to have new opportunities! and proud of him! 
So, his first day...we celebrated!
Ty is LOVING School and doing so, now that we have school makes Friday's a lot more special..come 3:30 we get to celebrate the WEEKEND!!! 

you scream, we scream, we all scream for Friday Ice Cream...

The kids decided to use finger paint as face paint for battle!!!

End of summer Life Group Party....
we love our whole group and so glad God put us in the group...
These 3 littles had such a great time in this little pool....why hadn't I thought of that earlier..haha!

and the big kids...

Sept 1st...marks beginning of being a hunters, while the dads are away...the moms and kids will play! 

The beginning of school also marks the start of germs being several days of Ty having a hoarse voice, cough, congestion..I decided to take him to dr....and come to find out...He had Strep!!! He could have cared less about that...but hearing he would have to miss school for the day was just terrible news to him. Not going to lie..I was kinda excited for him to be home...and kinda sad he would have rather gone to school than hangout with me and his, seeing the tears and the disappointment was soooo sad...but, i did get some good cuddles out of it! :)

Since he was positive..i had them also test while the strep test ran...they got their ears checkout...claire had an ear infection, hanna had a double ear infection and ty's were good! 
then..strep results came back...claire positive...and hanna negative! 

I felt terrible about the girls..I had a feeling claire would test positive..b/c 1) she had a red throat..and 2) b/c she thinks everyone's cup, spoon,, maybe this will teach her a lesson..haha! 
I had no clue about hanna's ears...she never complained once. She had been a little more clingy and lethargic and maybe ran a little low grade fever once...but, never did I think her ears where infected! whoops! I felt so bad.

So...3 antibiotics later...they still aren't 100% but i am hoping soon...Ty did get back to school today...and anxiously awaiting 3:30 so I can hear how he did! 

First official sick day of the 2015-16 school year. Ty made it 2 weeks and the girls haven't even, hope this makes them good for awhile. 

this is what i see in my kitchen/house all the time...chairs that should belong at at the "art/homework" table being used as stools...haha!

Thursday morning...our sick day...the girls had meet the teacher...but we didn't want to get our friends sick, so we stayed at home and then went up there later after everyone was gone and just the director there. 

 Claire was just soooo excited..she thinks she is such a big girl..and she kinda looks so big!
Claire's superlative...class clown..

We are all very ready for school to start next week....I am ready but the girls are super ready as well. they both got great classes with several of their friends. should be a great year! 

before bedtime cuddles...

Ty has had homwork everyday...and I am so proud of him for wanting to complete his homework before, everyday once we get home, he immediately changes clothes and then does his homework. 
This has also been great for Hanna...since she wants to do "homework" as well..

 b/c this is what hanna would rather be doing....dancing, gymnastics and playing beauty shop...

and this little one just makes me smile constantly...although it can be a challenging age...she is just so darn cute..and I love this age!

Look who helped herself to the PB!!! 

how is she almost 2!!

just doing a little computer work..

It has been nice getting into our routine...the girls are still LOVING gymnastics and like mentioned before, start school tuesday...along with dance for hanna! 
and soon flag football and cheerleading!!

But..first...LABOR DAY WEEKEND...where long holidays are more meaningful now! :) 

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