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Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Weekend...

This Labor Day we celebrated at the Lake..something we haven't done in years. Actually, the last time we were probably all at the lake together as a big family was when Ty was about 4M old or, it's been about 5 years...thanks to not a whole lot of water in the lake...makes it hard to "play" aka water ski, tube, fish etc! 
But, this year my parents got a different house..and it was kinda a requirement to show up..haha..but, we were all excited to be at the lake together! Since the lake is still super low (hoping that changes soon) my parents bought a couple of kayaks and a paddle boat. so, we would go to a little cove that had a good beach type front, and play! It was just nice being at water...the kids loved did the big kids. 
My sister and her fam left sunday night..but monday, my dad, trav, ty and hanna took his boat out to fish...ty was a little saddened they didn't catch anything..but, he was excited to see a "huge fish." 
Claire got to stick back with me and my mom! shhh..don't tell her what they did! 
she actually took a little siesta...strep and ear infections have impeded on her sleeping time! 
We had a great time...and continued prayers for rain to fill our little lake up! :) 
pretty crazy..that the trees in the water where we played should be under day, hopefully soon, they will be back under water..and water will be back under the boat dock! 

all the trees...minus the ones in the yard..should be under water!! :(

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