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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First Day MDO 2015-16...

Tuesday, Sept 8th...the girls started a new year of MDO at First United Methodist..8-3:00..tuesdays and thursdays! 
They were just as excited as I was...they were both very ready! They both have great their teachers and both have several friends in their class...and only 10 kids! I am excited for both of them to learn this a structured environment! Claire finally broke free from the nursery class! haha!

Another perk of Ty's the location..right next to the girls MDO!, right after we drop ty off at 7:45 we just went to their school and played on the church playground...since drop off doesn't start until next week!..and then we will be first in line! ha! but, the playground is great..and helps pass time! 
Hanna of course, walked right in the school like she owned the place...and knew exactly where claire's new class was...since i got hung up talking..hanna and claire kept walking to claire's class...Claire was super excited..."bye mommy" she said as she walked away...and then I heard crying...claire apparently was all she wasn't too excited about it after, i helped her put her backpack in her cubby and then sit at the desk for puzzles..since she loves them....and then she recognized a helper and went right to her...her teachers are both new to the school! hanna and i exited...with just a few more tears..but i knew she would be great after I left...and she did..they said she had a wonderful day...and slept an hour on her nap mat...success! it's amazing how they get kids to stay on their mats! haha! 

Hanna has 2 great who was her teacher before and we love her! she has several friends in her class..and will be so fun! with ty being in school it has really perked her interest in learning and knowing how to do things ty can do...finally! haha!, i'm excited for a more structured curriculum in her pre-k 3 class! 

claire's fav spot use to be the other side of that circle window...and now the outside will be her favorite so she can peak in on the babies! 

and I know every mommy in america knows's nothing new...but, when you have kids with you 24/7...and suddenly don't for 6-7 sure is amazing what gets accomplished..and how pleasant it is! :) ha! 

here's to a great school year!!!

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