Rollin' with the Roby's

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Garth Concert..

We were asked by some friends to attend the Garth Brooks concert with them...and we are so glad we said yes, and could make it. 
I have to be honest, I am not a huge concert go-er...I can't even remember the last one I went to..but...let me just say...I will never forget this concert...It.was.absolutely.amazing! 
Not only did he (and the whole arena) sing his greatest songs for 2 hours straight...but he put on an amazing show...quite the performer! How he did 7 shows over the weekend is beyond me! I was tired just watching him. 
We went Thursday when he kicked the tour off..but had 2 shows friday, saturday sunday...and then one on tuesday! phew! 
I was so glad that Trisha Yearwood was there..and actually sang about 4 songs...loved that! 
It was just awesome..and so glad we went. 
So, Friday we just literally, laid around, by the pool, and then ate was a perfect, relaxing day! 
Saturday we got brunch and then headed home to our familia's and to watch the tech game! :)
Great, great time!

Thursday morning at aiport..ready to start the weekend...

├╝ber selfie....

first things first...check in...then relax  mode!

and lunch at The Porch....DELICIOUS!!! 

while we were away..Ty got a special visitor for lunch....

and if you have ever seen know I am terrible at I gladly take any help I can get...thank goodness for Dry Bar's! :)

Ready for Garth...

Phenomenal back to hotel around 11ish..and I crashed!

I was so excited to wake up friday, to lay in bed with coffee and watch morning shows...a huge treat....but, after just an hour..I was bored...and finally decided to head to the pool. Travis was actually good and went to run...but, I enjoyed just laying..haha! 
We stayed at the Omni Downtown and although I always enjoy staying there..the fact you have to have a key for EVERYTHING is, friday, once trav got back to the room, I headed to pool...and just grabbed the key out of the slot to make the lights stay on....and left...while he was in the shower. (didn't even think about the fact that turned all his lights whoops...
So, then I go to bathroom by pool..and use my key to enter bathroom...and when I put my key in to exit bathroom (yes, just to exit) it wouldn't work...UGH! 
of course, nobody else had to use that bathroom at that I finally called trav...and by the time he came down, I had escaped! ha! and that's when he told me about the lights..hahaha! 
come to find out...that keypad inside the bathroom was broken...b/c i wasn't the only one to get stuck! haha!

so, i finally headed to my lounge chair...where I resided all afternoon...with occasional dips in the pool...and I faced the reprecussions of 1) no sunglasses...and2) no sunscreen.... OUCH! the right side of my body got touched! ha! I think  I am going to just leave a bottle of sunscreen in all suitcases from now on! 

after lounging by was time for dinner!

more midland peeps came to dallas for the show, so we ate dinner together friday night at Trulucks..and it was absolutely delicious! 

Saturday....up and at em..for game day!

after a brunch at Nick and Sam's Grill.....french toast and brisket topped english muffin where on point! Another great meal!
It was then time to head to airport....

and then we all watched the game on their new back porch...perfect setup for game day!

It was a great weekend...and with a Tech win...just topped it off!!! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


This year Hanna has started a new dance location....DeAnn's! it seems to be a little more structured with only one recital in may...but, i will miss the christmas recital! 
there are 15 girls in her class..since another dance studio closed down they got girls from there...2 of which are hanna's, that will be fun! 
She goes tuesdays at 4:30-5:15! Typically, ty and claire wait with me in the waiting area..but this studio is, next week we will be finding errands to run..or something to do during that time..since we can't watch the girls anyway! 
She was super excited and her teacher was great and very welcoming! and they got suckers at the end of class from the " dance fairy" hanna ate right into that! haha! lots of cuteness in that building! 

Hanna and T have been together at school for 2 years now..and actually have the same exact bday...and their friend G was with them last year...but is at a new school now...but, was so fun to be back in dance with her! 
can't wait to see them all in may! :)

First Day MDO 2015-16...

Tuesday, Sept 8th...the girls started a new year of MDO at First United Methodist..8-3:00..tuesdays and thursdays! 
They were just as excited as I was...they were both very ready! They both have great their teachers and both have several friends in their class...and only 10 kids! I am excited for both of them to learn this a structured environment! Claire finally broke free from the nursery class! haha!

Another perk of Ty's the location..right next to the girls MDO!, right after we drop ty off at 7:45 we just went to their school and played on the church playground...since drop off doesn't start until next week!..and then we will be first in line! ha! but, the playground is great..and helps pass time! 
Hanna of course, walked right in the school like she owned the place...and knew exactly where claire's new class was...since i got hung up talking..hanna and claire kept walking to claire's class...Claire was super excited..."bye mommy" she said as she walked away...and then I heard crying...claire apparently was all she wasn't too excited about it after, i helped her put her backpack in her cubby and then sit at the desk for puzzles..since she loves them....and then she recognized a helper and went right to her...her teachers are both new to the school! hanna and i exited...with just a few more tears..but i knew she would be great after I left...and she did..they said she had a wonderful day...and slept an hour on her nap mat...success! it's amazing how they get kids to stay on their mats! haha! 

Hanna has 2 great who was her teacher before and we love her! she has several friends in her class..and will be so fun! with ty being in school it has really perked her interest in learning and knowing how to do things ty can do...finally! haha!, i'm excited for a more structured curriculum in her pre-k 3 class! 

claire's fav spot use to be the other side of that circle window...and now the outside will be her favorite so she can peak in on the babies! 

and I know every mommy in america knows's nothing new...but, when you have kids with you 24/7...and suddenly don't for 6-7 sure is amazing what gets accomplished..and how pleasant it is! :) ha! 

here's to a great school year!!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Weekend...

This Labor Day we celebrated at the Lake..something we haven't done in years. Actually, the last time we were probably all at the lake together as a big family was when Ty was about 4M old or, it's been about 5 years...thanks to not a whole lot of water in the lake...makes it hard to "play" aka water ski, tube, fish etc! 
But, this year my parents got a different house..and it was kinda a requirement to show up..haha..but, we were all excited to be at the lake together! Since the lake is still super low (hoping that changes soon) my parents bought a couple of kayaks and a paddle boat. so, we would go to a little cove that had a good beach type front, and play! It was just nice being at water...the kids loved did the big kids. 
My sister and her fam left sunday night..but monday, my dad, trav, ty and hanna took his boat out to fish...ty was a little saddened they didn't catch anything..but, he was excited to see a "huge fish." 
Claire got to stick back with me and my mom! shhh..don't tell her what they did! 
she actually took a little siesta...strep and ear infections have impeded on her sleeping time! 
We had a great time...and continued prayers for rain to fill our little lake up! :) 
pretty crazy..that the trees in the water where we played should be under day, hopefully soon, they will be back under water..and water will be back under the boat dock! 

all the trees...minus the ones in the yard..should be under water!! :(