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Thursday, August 20, 2015

School is Cool...

Monday, August 17th, 2015, we had Meet the Teacher for Ty's Kindergarten Class at Midland Academy.. Yup, I said, is absolutely crazy! So, we went to see who his teacher was, take his loads of school supplies and see what this kinder thing is all about. His teacher is Ms. Pearson, and we were excited about that! She seems to be an excellent teacher and we are excited Ty is in her class! 
After all that, we got home, got bathed and hit the hay...since the next day started early and a new chapter began...

Meet the Teacher....

She had them do a scavenger hunt to find areas of the classroom....perfect for Ty...he loves those...

once you found the had to color in the circle...

and once they were all got to pick from her treasure crayons for Ty!
Such a great idea to make them excited...and learn a little about the classroom.

his little cubby! The school doesn't allow he just takes home his folder everyday!

That night before the new chapter began...I remember when he was in the same position in his crib...and now he is off to kinder! bittersweet for sure! 

Then...Tuesday morning, August 18th, 2015....Ty Lankford Roby started Kindergarten! He has to wear the standard attire of Khaki or Navy shorts/pants and white, marroon or navy shirt, shirt tucked in with a belt and tennis shoes! 
He finally got to bust out his bright new pair of shoes...definitely made the morning a lot more fun! 

Then it was time for school pictures! :)

our Handsome little boy!

what teacher doesn't need a big bottle of personalized hand sanitizer..especially a kinder teacher! ha!

packed his lunch for the first day...but, then he requested to get a cafeteria tray the next was pizza day! :) 

If you watch Sid the Science know this song, "uh hu, my mom is cool..and now, it's time for me to go to school."  Well, of course, that's referring to me and my little boy! hehe! and now that song will be stuck in my head all day! 

But, the day I have literally cried about for years came to reality on Tuesday, August 18, 2015! Our little 5 year old started Kindergarten! and naturally, I had issues! I was fine all morning..and I thought, oh, I got this..I have cried all my tears already...and then we went to drop him off at school..and I lost it (Ha)...I was trying to not cry in front of him bc 1) I didn't want to scare him and make him cry and not want to stay and 2) Didn't want to embarrass him on the first day! haha!  hopefully I did neither...but the tears just wouldn't stop! Same thing happened when I dropped him off at MDO at 7 months...haha! why is it so hard for moms?  But, actually, Travis had a hard time too..although he kept his tears back at school..thank goodness..or Ty would be known as the kid with the 2 wuss of, it was hard for him too! 

Ty on the other hand, did excellent. Walked in, put his lunch box in his cubby and sat in his seat..then went and got his breakfast (they serve breakfast in classroom if you get there before 8) was a egg and cheese omelet...i thought, really? Of all the cool things to serve for breakfast on the first day, to get the kids excited, you serve a measely, flappy piece of egg? I helped Ty cut it up, as Travis is over my shoulder telling me to stop..but, I just couldn't help it...he asked for help since cutting it up with his spork wasn't doing to job! so, I wasn't just going to let him sit there and not be able to eat it..although, I am pretty sure he would have figured it, his choice of chocolate milk over the regular milk or juice...made everything super cool! ha! 

I kissed him bye, and told him I loved him and was super proud of him...then me, travis, hanna, claire and my tears streaming down..left!...we got in the car to drive home...travis offered to take us for breakfast...but, I just couldn't stomach, we sat in silence (girls included) all the way back home...such a weird feeling! 
But, although I was teary eyed...I am super excited for his new chapter in Which he loves..and I hope continues that way! My prayers are for him to find new friends, excel in class, be kind to everyone and that no body is mean to him!  :) Really,  I think that is my hardest struggle...the fact, that I can't be there to protect him all the any mom would be! It's hard letting go...I also pray for God to steer travis and I in the right direction as parents to our kids...and to show them the foundation of God! so...we hope we have taught that while he starts Kinder! 

and God has answered a few he has made several new friends already! :) Makes me happy, since we don't know anyone at his school! (which, was also weird, coming from MDO where you know majority of people).

 However, it is extremely nice, having a grandparent "spy" that lets me know how he is doing...:) (his mom-mom, is the school superintendent) relieves some fears I had! especially the second day when he got a tray..i was nervous he wouldn't have time to wait in line and eat...but, a little birdie told me he did..and the rest of the day I was able to relax! ha! 

as much as I am going to miss him being home all day, everyday, these 2 girls will miss him big time! They just love their big brother...and it will feel empty..but, as it's the 3rd day now, we have all started the transition to new normal, I can't lie...It has been nice just enjoying the girls..and their own personalities. They typically just do what Ty is, it's fun seeing their little personalities shine. I have had many hair and nail appointments (by Hanna), gone to Hanna's store and shoe store...laughed and pushed Claire outside! Plus, gymnastics started back that was nice..and Ty appreciates the morning class so he doesn't have to sit through it...oh, the dread)..haha1 
 But, come 3:30 we can't wait for Ty to come out the door, with his big smile on his face, as we all shout, "Hi Ty, did you have a good day?" and he's always super excited to tell us about his day and thinks he's pretty cool stuff! These are the times when being able to be a stay at home mom is sooo rewarding.and so grateful for that! :) But, we are trying to get use to the carpool line..and the wait it entails..the girls aren't the biggest fan..but, we'll get it all figured out soon!

We get home about 4...get supper ready, eat around 5...shower and then at start their bedtime routine! (brush teeth, wash hands, books and prayers). 

being back on our normal routine is so nice! 

Starting day 3, although he can tell he is tired.. Shoot, I am tired...although we are up early..we haven't had to get out of the house by 7:20 and gone all day! so, it's an adjustment for all, so no doubt he is tired! Hopefully, this means, saturday we can all sleep in....RIGHT ROBY KIDS????

homework on the first day

The second day of school, he was STAR music class! He was the only one who could freeze, when the music turned off! haha! So proud! haha! :) 
Also, drop off gets easier each day...and just do the drop off line and he hopes out and goes inside...and each time we drive away, I can say, "no" when Hanna asks, "mom are you going to cry now." lol. 

and...Kinder isn't fun just for kids..but, say hello to the newest member of the "Play-doh Club" and school "Volunteer." :) haha! 

our last weekend day...chick-fil-a lunch date (during the school year away).

another perk of being in  have to be here..nice finally being in town on the weekend! :)

Here's to a great school year! :)

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