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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kidless Travels...

The past 2 weekends have been a lot of fun different b/c we have traveled without our kids..which, I, of course, LOVE my kids...but, sometimes you just need a get a way...and that's just what we did! 
First travel was just for a night..and we went to lubbock..just about an hour and half away...but, has great food and lots of and 3 other couples went and had.a.great.time! so much fun! and then woke up saturday morning and drove to the lake where my parents were keeping our kids..even though it was just a night...and we didn't get a lot of sleep...we had a blast..and was kinda the perfect amount to be gone from them! 

here are some pics of our night out in lubbock..
We started at Chimy's were we had a late lunch....
went to Las Brisas for an excellent dinner...
and then ended up at blue light to dance the night away...

And, Last week...the Girls from our life group took a "girls trip" to Dallas to spend the weekend.. since we had booked this many months in advance..we, we had all day friday and saturday.and came home sunday afternoon! PERFECTION! 
We are all we shopped, got pampered with mani/pedi's and massages, and just ate and relaxed...with non-interrupted convo's and not other responsibilities...IT WAS SO NICE!

friday after checking into hotel we headed to North Park for hours of shopping...then had nail appts at 5:30 across the street....those chairs were AMAZING! soo relaxing! 
Then off to dinner at Firestone pizza..a place I had never been..and was delicious!
afterwards, we sat in the hotel and played some games..hehe..and hit the hay about midnight! 

Saturday...a few of us woke up to get massages....while a few shopped and a few went to pool..which was hopping by the way! After my massage...the rest of us met them up there...and had a delicious pool grill burger for lunch..and just hung by the pool the rest of the day! 
Before dinner we had went to the Dry Bar, for a blow out..that was fun...and then went to Mr morelas..or something like that..haha..for a late dinner! another excellent meal! 
Since we didn't get back to the hotel until after 11...we just called it a night! 
and sunday woke up..took our time..and flew out about 12. 

and home by see my little family! and back to reality! haha!

They had a great time while I was gone, and trav did an excellent job manning the fort! Ty had a bday party friday afternoon and then they all had one saturday morning...and a few dad's of the group all got together for a swim "play date" lol...and they all survived..haha! 
and even made it to church sunday!

Think I should leave town more often..haha!

Ready for a super cute 4 year olds, bday party! 

It was a fun 2 weekends...but, i am ready to be home! 
We are in Katy now for our last travel of the summer before ty starts school! :) 
soaking up these lasts days!  :)

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