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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Katy Trip...

Tuesday, after waiting an hour in the registration line to sign the girls up for was ROADTRIP time...not exactly to Katy, as the title alludes, but next door to  Fulshear, to see Gamy and Granddaddy! 
Road trips mean movie time for Ty..which he and kindle time for 7 hours...WINNING!
wish I could say the same for Hanna and Claire...who are not the best travelers...hanna bc she still doesn't watch tv (unless a couple certain shows) nor does Claire...and just chats the whole way! loads of fun...but, in preparation for this trip I bought Hanna new pink, barbie (her request) headphones..and let me just was an absolute game changer. She actually watched a show...bubble guppies, and would shout the answers out (since she couldn't hear) and then Claire would repeat them....and a few times even startling me bc shouting so loudly...but, worth the scare if that kept her occupied for at least 30 minutes! haha! 

once we got there cousin Addison and Aunt Ash came over to spend a little time before bedtime...lots of running and giggles! 

Wednesday morning, they came back over but with Elly in tow this time! Hanna of course took over...and was super excited to see baby Elly..who turn 7 months while we were there! (crazy). 

Then we went down the street to the splash pad and pool...only to find out the pool was closed on wednesdays for cleaning! bummer! 

so, After the splash pad we ventured over to the park...and then up the mountain for a picnic lunch...and then went to a different pool in the neighborhood that was, we swam there for a bit until it was time to go and rest.....

because we had a birthday party to attend! 
Since Ty will be in school, we may not make it down for Addison's real birthday party, so, we celebrated a cousin bday party for her at chuck e cheese! 

and after a ton of tokens the girls walked away with tootsie rolls and frozen tattoos and ty got chuck e cheese deck of cards and vampire teeth! haha!

The next day Ashley and I loaded up my car with carseats and kids and went to visit Gigi and Great Granddaddy! Always a special time to see them...and after our visit we went back for lunch and rest time and back to Ashley's to test out Addison's fun new toy for her bday party...

a water slide! 
They kids had a blast and cousin M and S got to play too...which was fun for Ty to have some boys in the house! haha! 
They definitely broke it in and no doubt it will be a huge success at the party!

M got to come spend the night with Ty...while Hanna stayed with Addison for a sleepover....they had such a great time, painting nails, getting matching nightgowns and hiding from brian...but when it was bedtime (hanna's favorite time of the day....enter MAJOR sarcasm) fun was over and she wanted me to come get, about 9:45 that's what I did..and she crashed immediately. 

How are these two boys (just 1 day apart) about to be in Kindergarten??? tears!

Thursday night, late, Travis flew, Friday morning we loaded up our swimsuits and a picnic lunch and headed to Port O'Connor (about 2 hours away)...
It was so nice to get down to the place they have and see it..and get on the boat and cruise! seeing water was a perk...but actually being able to put a boat in the water and ride...was a treat for this west texas family where rain is scarce..and affects our lakes! 

After our boat ride we went to the clubhouse and swam....followed by a little fishing...

We did spy some dolphins which was really cool...and definitely something we aren't use to seeing! 
see the fin?

while the boys and miss priss drove around the neighborhood so claire would nap! :)

Saturday, Trey and M came over....and the boys ended up taking ty to fish in the pond near that meant, hanna and claire got their first babysitting gig! Hanna was in heaven! and it wore claire out so much that she took a good 2 hour morning nap...a record! haha!

Later that night...the guys came back over with their better halves and we had a little cookout! 

Sunday, we woke up and headed hair extensions and all! ha!

after lunch, we turned TV's off and made them close their eyes, " but, I'm  not tired" the 2 oldest said....

Sums up our trip...successful!

There are were many other we would have love to see while there...but, it's amazing how quickly a few days fly by! 

Now to get back on our routine/schedule since a certain, super special, 5 year old, starts Kinder on tuesday! can.not.believe it!

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