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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hanna's first mani/pedi...

If you know know she is all priss! So, why it took 3.5 years to get her nails done professionally..(b/c they are painted at least every other day..if not every)..ha...some might question...but when you are busy and have 2 others always with you..makes it complicated...but, this past sunday, when travis was home to watch the others....we had a perfect mommy-daughter nail time with our fav mommy-daughter friends!

These 2 little girls could not have been more excited..."this is so fun." ..they picked their "dance recital" polish..whoooo knnoowwsss! lol..but, they loved it. pink undercoat with sparkles on top! and we moms got pampered with a pedi as about the perfect playdate..hehe! 
They got to sit together in their own chair...and got their toes and nails painted...and had the best time laughing and giggling..and we moms got a little convo out of it too! win-win! 
such a great time...and when we got home..hanna treated me to a manicure...:)my different colored nails are beautiful!! :) she is my little miss priss and i just love her so! so glad we got to enjoy being pampered together! :)


what other color exist in her's a pinkalicious world! of course, with sparkles...

the nail tech was perfect with them...clearly, he was just as excited! lol.

all done!

such a fun time! 
look forward to many more pamper time...with another little girl included! :)

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