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Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July..

This was the first time in YEARS we have been in Midland for the 4th...and let me just say, who knew it could be so fun! ha! Travis left for Alaska the night before so, it was just me and the kiddos to celebrate! So, last minute decision to be in the parade vs just watching...went to hobby lobby and bought everything they had left in 4th decor...and wow...did that add up! haha! 
So, saturday morning we were out the door by 8:15 to grab donuts...(which was the fastest donut run ever...nobody was there..ha!)...then headed off to find a parking spot and register. Parade didn't start until 10 but since I was by myself with 3 bikes i wanted to find a close parking spot..and since this was our first parade adventure..i wasn't sure what to expect. so, we waited, and waited, and waited until 10:00 finally rolled around! ha! 

They group the parade by age groups and put us in the 0-3 year old group...which was fun b/c we were with all our friends but not so much for ty as we weren't going fast enough for him to stay up on his bike...i felt so bad for him as you could see it wasn't as fun for him...but he never complained and basically just walked his bike! I decided to take claire's bike vs the wagon b/c she's at that fun age of not wanting to stay confined...and the bike is not as large....i figured she would just walk and i would push her bike, empty! so, like i had envisioned..she was off her bike immediately and walked a little but then I convinced her to ride with her friend Brynn in the princess wagon....who needs 4th of july decor when you have princess stickers..haha!  they were so cute riding together until..they both decided that was, I am super thankful for awesome friends who all pitched in and helped push empty bikes (as Hanna and ty jumped ship too) and held babies! but we finished strong with everyone on their bikes! 

afterwards since that was not exactly ty's speed....i wanted to do something extra fun for, we went to the car show at GTCC. lots of cool cars parked...most with "look don't touch" so that was hard for curious hands who couldn't see inside without a boost...but, there were a couple that allowed touching and even invited them to sit inside the cars....they all loved that! Ty raced around car to car..mainly all the blue ones...but loved it! and then we found, Harlin, the balloon man...and that just made the day! who doesn't love a balloon animal/character...
Hanna spied Ariel..and immediately chose her..and she decided a "my little pony" for claire. I was just going to choose a poodle for claire since it was easy for him and she loves puppies...but, momma hanna beat me to the chase! and ty, passed up a ninja turtle for a spiderman! 
After that we were good an headed home for lunch and rest time! was a fun and busy morning.

claire LOVED this little corvette....she was ready to cruise off..

after lunch claire immediately crashed and after a little time, ty and hanna got to come out of their rooms and have quite time on the couch...where hanna crashed on my legs.

cuddles never get old..

later that afternoon we headed to some friends house for a cookout...lots of kids and great convo's with for both sides! :) it was a great time!

 I need to get one these pools..kept claire occupied for hours...

between pool, tramp, swings...claire was one happy girl...which is why she lastest way longer than expected! :)

sorry, claire, should have put a swim diaper on...haha...but didn't slow her down!

what's a 4th of july without hot dogs and hamburgers...

lots of fun..

since claire missed the pic..ooops..haha...she got a solo.

where else do you eat popsicles? 

my little poser..

that night...after a long day of traveling..trav and his dad made it to anchorage! yay for safe flights...they spent the night there and will fly to their lodge today and then spend a week fly fishing! 

We had a great 4th and thankful for friends who helped make it possible! I was going to let the kids (mainly ty) stay up and watch fireworks since they were right next to our house..but, once we got home, bathed they all crashed....and 10:00 i heard the show start...I love fireworks but I was already in bed, i stayed nice and snug and watched a new found love....flea market flip!  :) 
Happy 4th! 

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