Rollin' with the Roby's

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hanna's first mani/pedi...

If you know know she is all priss! So, why it took 3.5 years to get her nails done professionally..(b/c they are painted at least every other day..if not every)..ha...some might question...but when you are busy and have 2 others always with you..makes it complicated...but, this past sunday, when travis was home to watch the others....we had a perfect mommy-daughter nail time with our fav mommy-daughter friends!

These 2 little girls could not have been more excited..."this is so fun." ..they picked their "dance recital" polish..whoooo knnoowwsss! lol..but, they loved it. pink undercoat with sparkles on top! and we moms got pampered with a pedi as about the perfect playdate..hehe! 
They got to sit together in their own chair...and got their toes and nails painted...and had the best time laughing and giggling..and we moms got a little convo out of it too! win-win! 
such a great time...and when we got home..hanna treated me to a manicure...:)my different colored nails are beautiful!! :) she is my little miss priss and i just love her so! so glad we got to enjoy being pampered together! :)


what other color exist in her's a pinkalicious world! of course, with sparkles...

the nail tech was perfect with them...clearly, he was just as excited! lol.

all done!

such a fun time! 
look forward to many more pamper time...with another little girl included! :)

Zoo Camp...

Ty Goes to Zoo Camp...

M-F, 9-3 Ty (and Brady) went to Zoo camp to learn about "Curious Cats." They took a lunch but snacks and crafts, included! :) They learned all different things about the zoo..and one of their favorite things was getting to see where the lions and rhino's sleep...(obviously, the animals were out at that time..haha)...that was a big, now they think everytime we go to the zoo they will be allowed back there! ha! 
on the last day, they took a class picture (another highlight..haha) and got to ride the train and new carousel...again, big hits! 
They had a great time and look forward to doing it next year...and hopefully we can attend a week where girls can go too! 

Ty went to abilene with casey after ruidoso and then I went on wednesday to finish the week to allow casey and daniel a much needed. long time waiting, get a way! 
So, after dropping the boys off, I entertained the girls and then we all did something after we picked boys up!  wednesday afternoon we went out to the abilene state park to swim...big fun pool for all! 

It was a fun-filled week...and when we left at 5:00 saturday...all kids crashed before even getting on interstate! Tired pups!

Hanna and claire were very excited to see their brother on wednesday!

on thursday after dropping boys off..we girls went to the zoo! 

Louis the peacock...

animal lover hanna..wanted to catch the mallard! ha!

never a trip where I don't think these fish are disqusting...

we spied our fav campers...

the new carousel is a big hit! 

and of course the train...

after camp we tried to stay cool at the splash pad...

friday we went to park while boys camped...

and went to target for movie night treats...

Teen Beach was a huge hit! I would recommend it!;)

saturday we had a picnic at the park...and finally all agreed on wendy's! haha!

we were the only ones brave enough to endure the heat..b/c we were the only.ones.there! haha! we din't last too long before everyones' cheeks were pink and heads full of, we headed home to  cool off! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Travis had the opportunity, thanks to his dad, to fly fish in Alaska for 6 days...10 days total with travel! 
He could not have been more excited and had the best time. Unfortunately, for me, there was VERY limited communication..and also, his phone froze while, between the 2 i heard from him just a couple of times! So, needless to say, I was super excited for him to get home and share his pictures and stories! 
He said the weather was the 70's and rained one day..but, they still pressed on. 
According to him, they were woken up, with coffee, at 5:30-6am, had breakfast (that they chose the night before off a menu..rough..haha)...fished all day until about 5...came back to the lodge with appetizers waiting for them...they cleaned up and at 7:00 a delicious, elegant dinner was served...with the nice wine to go with it! afterwards they stayed up for after dinner drinks..or went to bed. I think travis did a little of both!:) but, the way he described the food...I want to go just for that! haha! 

From hot and sunny weather...

to a 3 hour time different and cold, rainy weather... :)

from anchorage they flew to the Rainbow King Lodge in Ilianma, Alaska! (on a little micro plane)...travis said he was so glad I wasn't on that plane or I would have lost my lunch...b/c he nearly did! eeeek! but, look at the beautiful scenery..
He said the whole flight was over, he was glad to see solid ground when they landed! ha!

They fished in an area called "The Gorge" and Travis caught a ton of sockeye salmon, graylings, trout and rainbow trout! 

so, as they caught...the guide cleaned the fish! and lunches were typically fresh caught fish they would cook right then! talk about fresh! yum!

this is a sockeye salmon...and apparentley excellent eating...I'm excited for him to get here! :)

he said it would take 20 minutes to real them in!

travis and his dad!..isn't this just gorgeous!

one day, at a different location, they had lunch here!

each day, depending on what people wanted to catch....they would take a suburban ride, boat ride or plane to their location.

fresh cooked lunch...this was a salmon bisque! wow!

this salmon was cool...b/c you can see the sideswipe he got from they they a seal! 



lunch on the shore..

they saw a bear...actually 2...this one almost came too close for comfort...and the lodge doesn't allow guides to carry a gun...i think they should overturn that! ha!

and travis said, behind this grass a bear had stood up on his back legs but, when he snapped the pic it went down..and missed it! but, how cool.

their room..which did their laundry everynight! That must be a gift for the spouses..haha! they definitely spoil them!

the view from their room...the little house was the "dining/den hangout" area..

and this was the view the other way! Gorgeous!

inside the "lodge" part..

yes, they drank this whole 1 night! I think 7-8 people!

fresh salmon sandwiches for lunch!


But, on sunday at 7:00 when his plane landed...we were there inside to greet him! We were all vey excited to see him.! 
he brought the girls pink bracelets and ty a tub of alaskan animals...and me, 2 bottles of wine a man gave each person to take home to their spouse! how nice! 

with the 3 hour time difference and all day fishing...he was worn out!
So glad he got to go..but so glad he's home!