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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


We LOVE the cabin...the smell of the pine trees, fresh air..and just total relaxation...or as much as one can have with kids..but,'s super laid back with no agenda. 
My parents ended up going with, me, mom and the kids drove down thursday after lunch and my dad and trav got there that night! 
We did exactly what we sought out...absolutely nothing! It was what we all needed! Thankful for all the memories at the cabin and grateful to share them with my kids...and have them create new memories! :)

We were greeted Thursday with deer....Hanna kept telling them to come up on the porch...which one momma probably would have had there not been a loud and scared toddler! ha! 

mountain kids...

my absolute favorite things to do is our walks...growing up we always had walking sticks...they are prob still in the garage, and come to think of would probably be fun for the kids..but..we just walk..sometimes run..and just explore..see what houses have been changed, what's for sale..and always on the lookout for animals! :)

travis feeding the deer! The pregnant mommas would eat out of hands..but the boys were smarter than that! ha!not that we would/could shoot them..but, the boys kept their distance from the Humans! :)

Friday, Ty played golf with the guys! Always a sad day, when he chooses to hang with the boys than with his momma...tear...but, considering I suggested it...I couldn't be too sad. I just knew he would have a blast...and he's at that age where he loves to do things with the "guys."
They had a great time...and ty got to play several holes....and helped grandpa drive the cart! He had a BIG time! HE wanted to golf the next day...but i convinced him to stay and play in the river with us! :) so..that's what he did!

my 3  of favorite  "guys"

Mom would just pet the deer like they were a pet dog...haha! as long as they were getting food (peaches..they didn't like the cantaloupe) they didn't care..ha

Hanna and Claire got in on the action too...

A good thunderstorm came through friday we had to scratch our river time and just hung out in cabin until it passed...but, after it passed and the sun came up...down the river for a little walk!

Monkey see, monkey do...Claire does EVERYTHING Hanna does! she wants to be with her, whereever hanna does claire!  "Hanna wait."

Hanna will make a stage out of anything....she was cracking us up...

so, of course, claire did too! 

walking the river...

found the perfect rock for claire to sit on..this girl could throw rocks all day. so, to keep her still I sat her down and kept handing her rocks to throw..she was happy as could be! 

There are so many reasons why I love our time at the cabin...but, i had the absolute best time playing Old Maid and War with Ty....he had me laughing so hard! I!

since ty couldn't win...(lol)...and I honestly, tried to let him..but always seemed to pick the old maid..haha..he brought reinforcements and let trav have a try....but, no such luck! haha! Old Maid Queen right here! lol.

since it rained cooled off to, the next morning we woke up to 50 degrees..which called for a fire! nothing better!

when in the eat like a mountain man! 

and when you go-go-go...naps are always nice! :)

yup...even at the cabin..our kiddos sneak in bed with us! hanna and I were already up..or she would have been in the pic too! haha! Perfect way to start Father's Day! ha!

family selfie by the river!!

these 3 are super lucky to have such a wonderful Grandpa!

happy to spend the weekend with my dad...but, we had to leave sunday morning in time to be home for the golf tournament! haha.

This is about as close as ty would get...

hoola hoopin master...

and sister is getting pretty good too...

such a stud..

2 girls who LOVE the river..."Mommy, this is so much fun."

he was trying so hard to find an elk...but, no luck.

deer watching...

saturday the sun was out and able to play in the river..

and got their yearly mark on the wall...
ty grew 3", Hanna 3.5" and Claire 6" :)

Until July...when we go back! :)

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