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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Gymnastics...

For the past almost 2 years...hanna has been at one gymnastics/dance place...but with her being almost 4 (although she thinks she's 21)...we decided to enroll her in a more instructional program and all around gymnastics place since hanna has a knack for, we went to enroll for the fall but I learned about the summer program..and that all 3 of the kids could attend at the same time...soooo....I signed them up! and hanna DID NOT want to leave that day...she wanted to stay so badly...but, she did...and asked about it times a day...until Tuesday came around and she could not have been more excited! and actually, Ty too...(hehe)...and claire absolutely loved it and got praise for her cartwheel..haha! she thought she was so big and competing for the olympics. there was 4 kids in claire's class..which a mommy and me class (since I have no others to watch..i can attend now..and It was so fun..a little bonding time..and hearing her laugh always makes me smile...I never have been a huge proponent of that class..but i have to was fun). and about 7ish in ty and hanna's class..
So, anyways, seeing hanna and claire so happy and excited (as well as ty..but he won't attend in the fall b/c of school...the girls will go in the morning)...just solidified my thoughts of moving locations! 

A huge love of hanna's life...gymnastics....and little sis, claire, does everything she, no doubt it will be her love too! 

balance beam...with high kicks, leaps and leg scoops. 

front rolls, back roll, back bend walk over...

lots of tramp stuff..

3 happy roby gymnasts..and to top it off..they give out popsicles after class! SOLD! haha!

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