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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Honey Hole..

so far in our summer break...we have visited this pond almost daily...either by bike rides or fishing! We love our neighborhood for many reasons..but this is a huge one! Ty has found a couple of spots which he deems his, "honey hole" but if you catch one then he wants to trade you poles b/c in his mind it's the pole that makes it happen! haha! 
Over the weekend we caught several fish..even claire gets in on the action. Hanna has loved to hold them and Ty even finally got the courage (can't be outdone by little sis) and lipped his fish and threw it back, all by his self! We were all whooping and hollering! haha! Ty, luckily, has 2 natural members his fan club..and his little sisters cheer him on for EVERYTHING! and whatever Hanna does, Claire, he definitely has a lot of support!

Where there is water..this man will fish! Look at this monster...haha!


sister loves hats!

serious fisherman right here! Has been wanting to go out in "grandpas boat and go fishing" for a long time now..but even more so recently! kinda crazy, of all the rain TX has had lately...none of it reached our lake! :(  we are still hopeful though!

daddy and his girls. 

my lil boy and his first fish he threw back himself!

busted the mule out on these awesome summer nights! (or afternoons..haha)

my little photographer!

At the carwash...

back to the "honey hole" Hanna LOVES to touch the fish..

another great perk of our neighborhood is there is always impromptu, Ty helped exercise some friends dogs...wouldn't get near them..or touch them..but loved to throw bumpers..and Hanna had the "SIT" down...miss bossy britches.

later that night our life group cooked out...they had horses...I was so impressed with close to dogs and petted a horse..all in one day! haha! he's getting braver..haha!

this one passed out on mule ride home...when i saw her dosing off I thought it was strange..but looked at my watch and it was almost 9...and no, no doubt..she was out!

playdates with neighbor the next morning...
slip n slide, colored bubbles, colored foam..and a beautiful morning..

of course...i am still the favorite to attack....

claire had a blast...she would run down the slide...walk back to start on grass..and run down again...she kinda made me dizzy and tired just watching..haha!

This summer has been pretty busy...but full of fun activities..we haven't had a chance to be "bored" yet..and the fun continues as b&s are here for the week..which means constant playtime!

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