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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cousin fun..

My most rewarding job is being a mom...i absolutely love it and am extremely blessed! But, being an aunt is second best! Spoiling them is far better than spoiling my poor kids..they are so mistreated..ha! (totally sarcasm). but, it's just different spoiling them! I might not allow my kids to have 2 cookies..but anything for me niece and nephew...oh, you want a popsicle and ice cream...sure! why not? but, i still discipline them like my own..which is harder to do vs my kids. seeing my nephew cry gets me matter what the reason..or who did the punishing! kills me and I want to buy him every toy when that happens..but that's the doesn't happen, that's why it's so painful to see! Sophia makes me laugh...she is soon super just never know what she's going to say! (which is also scary when with a group)..haha! but, that trait is awesome b/c she plays in her own little world, all by herself, so nicely! haha! she cracks me up! 

so, while my sister did some work and then went to a party in san anton over the weekend...5 kiddos and I played! never a dull moment, lots of playing, lots of dishes and lots of food eaten...and lots of swimming! crazily, they never get tired of each other...and just enjoy constantly having a playmate! 

we spent a ton of time at mom-mom and grandpa's pool...they are spoiled grandkids in many ways..and pool water temp is one of them..a heated 85-90 degree pool makes swimming even better! ha! like ty said about our clubhouse pool, "but, brady, that pool is not even heated." #spoiled

we have a couple more days together until we are reunited with their mom and head to corpus...but, i have to say, another pro about having them here is dinner is at my parents often..meaning, I'm off the hook for cooking! Woohoo! -thanks mom! :) 

yay for summer time...

this little fish loves her hats..and i am constatnly impressed that she leaves in on..and requests it! good job claire!

5 little fishies..about to jump in! (yes, claire included).

swimming was always in morning time was filled with other the park..

The boys attended movie camp...How to Train A Dragon...

and the girls did swim lessons all week.

claire got to enjoy swim lessons as well...:)

Ty had his ortho checkup...all bones are clear and free to remove brace! he was one happy kid!

nap time at mom-mom's...the pack n play was put away, and I was too lazy to get it all, i tried to just put her on a floor pallet....but, went back in and found her here! Such a big girl....

one morning...Ty passed up a trip to the forestation and playtime for summer, he went to mom-mom's school for the morning..and loved it! Which is good to hear since that's where he'll be attending in fall! :)

after school he had golf lessons...

and the rest of us waited in the car (claire slept) while he practiced!

girls had swim everyday 2-2:30! The girls enjoyed it..wait no, sophia enjoyed it...hanna complained about the water temp! drama queen. but, the teacher was super great and the girls loved her. it was just the girls and one boy..and never crowded at the club...but, having them in the middle of the day did cramp our style a bit! ha!

morning playtime at Grandpa's clubhouse..and sandbox...

every day I bribed hanna with her mermaid tail...if she didn't stay in the water for the whole lesson she wasn't getting her, each day she last longer and longer..and earned her tail...she was on cloud nine.

on friday, we all went to the pool before lessons and stayed afterwards. The boys had a blast on the slide...went up and down the whole time...

they may be shivering but still wanted that sno cone..

and later that cream. "wow, lindsey. I've never had 2 scoops before." anything for my brady bear...ty and claire both got 1! haha! (per ty's request).

and haircuts...

took a stab at sib pics...but just didn't work out..haha..

"Lindsey, am I a beautiful fairy?" Yes, certainly are"

It's funny..b/c the whole reason i didn't put my kids in any summer programs was 1) we are traveling a lot.. and 2) i wanted to savor every.single.second with will be starting soon..but, lets not talk about that!
So, when this little boy's finger got smashed and a big blood blister came up...he was traumatized..ha...but, it lead to some absolute wonderful cuddle time since he feel asleep in my arms...and i just held him and held him...until finally i had to get up to get supper started since 4 other kids were starving and they literally had eaten all the other food in my house...and dinner was the only option.ha! and 2 hours later...he woke up...but had it not been for the door bell ringing..he may have stayed asleep all night!
Love this sweet boy more than words can describe... 

and this little one has had more breathing treatments in her little life than I would like for her...but, nevertheless..we are grateful we can do them (constantly) in our house vs the hospital. I will do them as often as I need to at our house if It keeps her from the hospital! She know tells me "thank you" after they are finished! ha! bless her little heart!

from sun up to sundown (or I should say, eyes closed) these little cousins have the best time...never tire of each other (amazingly crazy.. i know) 

today we left for corpus..but stopped at the lake to break our trip up...well, it was a lake..if you look really close you can see water out in the distance...but were you see bodies..that use to be all under's amazing how every other lake in texas is full from all the rain...but not our lake! HA! But, we still remain hopeful! 

tomorrow we head to corpus for the week..aka "Christi beach" by the kids! :) 

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