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Friday, June 12, 2015


My sisters TASP conference brought our crew back to Corpus Christi..our kids now always get excited about "Christi Beach"
It may not be the prettiest beach...but they don't care...they have a blast anyway...

Naturally, our kids wake up early...but it's always more exciting to wake up when you are at the beach! Our kids were up, dressed, had breakfast and ready to hit the beach by 7am! but...they couldn't dive in yet...we had to wait for the tractor to rake down the sand....and then we went! so, by 7:3ish our toes were in the sand! 
The rental people, we learned, don't even show up until, we played for a couple of hours before we even got lounge chairs and an umbrella! 
The great thing about waking up 1) the GORGEOUS sunset! abosolutely beautiful. and 2) no the water is calm.(well. on the first day) .and 3) NOBODY is at the beach!, we had the beach to ourselves for, actually, majority of the was pretty quite on our side of the beach. just perfect! ha! 


5 little fishies ready to dive in...clearly, claire couldn't wait..

we all love mom-mom...

mermaid hanna...we played mermaid all day...she's in her element..but was just as happy as a clam playing in the sand too...

I remember last year how much brady just loved the beach and how he was constantly smiling..this year is no different! he just goes and goes..

my full of life, spunky, prissy, mommy wanna be, hanna! sass and a bunch of sparkle..

"Lets go out to the deep water"

loving, caring, sweet Ty baby!

on the go, lover of water, dirt and sand...just wants to keep up with the bigs...

she would ride those waves like a pro...and just bob out in the water..loved hearing that sweet, sweet, laugh and big smile.

mom-mom found a hermit crab...after several resuscitation efforts...and even a pep-talk from was a goner..

conference wasn't until, thursday casey got to play too...

ty went snorkeling.haha..

this was our private beach for the day.ha!

and on day 2...

we were up and at 'em again...but it was super windy from the get go...

snack time...

Hanna was up all night with an, although she never complained of her ear hurting , she steered away from the water...
and feel asleep about 9...for a brief beach siesta..

and she would crash everyday during rest time..

but she rallied after lunch and wanted to get in the water..and even ride the boogie board..something she would have been out there doing all day had she been feeling better...but, she rode an excellent wave in...and said, that was good...haha!


this little one just absolutely LOVES the water and thinks she can do whatever the big kids can...which she pretty much does..but, she just wasn't quite tall enough to prevent some waves crashing over her face...but she always wanted more. However, friday's waves were a little too big for her and although she kept wanting to go further out and float...this momma just wouldn't let her. sorry claire bear!

morning snooze...

cheese face..

and a cheeto- face

with the big waves it was perfect for boogie boarding...these 2 hung ten ALL day! their arms and legs should feel like jello!

and sophia rode a few too..

Hanna was jut perfectly content soakin up the rays on the beach...and on the lounge chairs..

at one point I asked if she wanted to get in the shade under the umbrella and she got on her belly on the lounge chair and said, "no, thank you..this is how i like it." haha....baskin beauty 

where you could find ty and brady all day!

once again, we started early and ended our beach time by cleaned up and rested! by all our lines and kids red's evident we have had a great time. 

Tomorrow since it's calling for rain all day we are going to head to the lake after casey finishes her conference at break the trip up again...

once again, created some great memories...and all had a great time. 

once we leave the lake kids will not have a built in playmate any longer. It will be weird not having b&S with us since sophia has been with us for 3 weeks..and 2 for brady!  going to be kinda quiet! haha! 

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